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A Word From DLJ

Pennsylvania H/T Kievsky. This was over four years ago … DLJ showed up at a Ron Paul event in Philadelphia. Comedy gold. [youtube=] [youtube=]

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Official: Romney Wins Iowa Caucus

Iowa Update: Mitt Romney has won the Iowa Caucus by 8 votes. This is the closest race in the history of the Iowa Caucus. What a squeaker! Rick Santorum, the second place finisher in Iowa, is a neocon who is … Continue reading

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Hunter’s Imperial Triumph

His Radio The outlaw HW has shot down that old fiend of every hard working man in Dixie … debt slavery, these stupid fucking credit cards, working at China’s company store, “geography of nowhere,” the trailer park, picking Lincoln’s cotton … Continue reading

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#24. Leisure Time

Alabama Now that I hear the sound of “cultural engineering” on television (sounds like the smart people are figuring out their problems), I want to take a nap and enjoy some leisure time. I got some great books to read: … Continue reading

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Party Like Its 2011

Television It was “Project Confrontation” that worked. Everyone agrees now that the unsettling world of the past is over. Out with the New World. In with the Old World. What an exciting moment in human history. Whizz. The human mind … Continue reading

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The Carter Strange Beating: SPLC Silent on Columbia’s Black Hole

South Carolina South Carolina has been shocked by the brutal mob beating of Carter Strange in the Five Points area of Columbia. Here’s what happened: Carter Strange, an 18-year-old White teenager, was jogging home through the Five Points neighborhood. Strange … Continue reading

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