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Tolerating Islamic Intolerance at the Washington National Cathedral

The PC loons now running the Washington National Cathedral have decided to go the “full monty” – embracing diversity, tolerance, multiculturalism – and now Islamic religious services in the Washington National Cathedral! Not content with sponsoring feminist priests like the … Continue reading

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Rand Paul’s Time Magazine Cover

American Renaissance’s 2013 White Traitor of Year, Sen. Rand Paul of Kentucky, was on this week’s cover of Time magazine. Time Warner Inc. tells us that Rand Paul is America’s “most interesting man in politics.” He joins Pope Francis, who … Continue reading

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Vote, or Else

I found this on my windshield at work: Note: Good work, Klansmen. Apparently, you control this state, and black people are 3rd class citizens here who “didn du muffin” and are arrested for no reason!

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Re: Spelunker

Editor’s Note: This is a response to Spelunker’s latest comment at Civil War Crossroads. “As proof of how delusional Brad is, he refers to the South as a “Country”. LULZ! When I said “other countries,” I was referring to any … Continue reading

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Eric “My People” Holder Resigns

Wow, I missed the big news of the day … Eric “My People” Holder has resigned. From the beginning until the end of his tenure, Eric “My People” Holder verified our already low expectations that the “first black Attorney General” … Continue reading

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Currently Seeking Employment – Professor Mark Patrick George

It has come to our attention that Mark Patrick George, a former professor at Valdosta State University, is very, very upset with this website. As some of you may recall, Professor George first popped up on our radar screen here … Continue reading

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Creative Loafing: Georgia Should “End” All Confederate Memorials

Last November, I organized a protest of the removal of the Tom Watson statue from the grounds of the Georgia State Capitol in Atlanta. Gov. Nathan Deal said at the time that the removal of the Watson statue was only … Continue reading

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Ain’t That America: The Virtue of Five White Men

It’s no secret around here that America is anti-White. This is our core argument … America is anti-White, anti-Southern, anti-Christian, and anti-conservative, and White Southerners should secede and form an independent nation. Don’t believe me? Listen to what US Senate … Continue reading

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Ain’t That America: Secrets of the Living Dolls

After President Barack Obama issues his new gender identity anti-discrimination executive order, these “living dolls” will be delivering your mail and teaching your children the “Common Core” program in America’s public schools: Note: According to a new Pew Survey, 76 percent … Continue reading

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Ain’t That America: Obvious Child

New York Culturally, I have nothing in common with people who enjoy romantic comedies about abortion: “She lives in New York City, where no one questions her right to make her own decisions about her body. The procedure is safe, … Continue reading

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