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The GOP Is Worthless on Social Issues

District of Corruption Scanning the news, here is what we find: 1.) Former US senator and “mainstream conservative” Alan Simpson is set to release a television ad in favor of “gay marriage.” This is the latest proof that the GOP … Continue reading

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Roberts Court Delivers For Wealthy Donors, Again

District of Corruption There are times like this when I wonder if mainstream conservatives are capable of learning anything from experience. Every four years, mainstream conservatives are told that they have to vote for Republican candidates in order to change the … Continue reading

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Rand Paul: GOP Needs To “Get Beyond” Deportations

District of Corruption White Southerners need to “get beyond” the idea that they are going to elect “Tea Party reformers” like Rand Paul, Marco Rubio, and Ted Cruz who are going to “take on the GOP establishment” and “Take Back … Continue reading

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FBI Dumps The SPLC

District of Corruption A small bit of good news … “Christian groups are celebrating with the news that the Federal Bureau of Investigation appears to have scrubbed the Southern Poverty Law Center (SPLC) from its hate crimes webpage, where the … Continue reading

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SPLC Southern Marriage & Family Defense Rally: (Montgomery, AL – May 9th)

In February, the SPLC filed a lawsuit in federal court in an attempt to get a US federal judge to strike down Alabama’s ban on gay marriage. The League of the South will protest the SPLC’s attack on the Southern … Continue reading

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Federal Judge Rules Tennessee Must Recognize “Gay Marriages”

Tennessee A federal judge has ruled that Tennessee must recognize three “gay marriages” of transplants who were “married” in New York and California. Judge Aleta Trauger, who was born in Denver, made the point to add that “all signs indicate” … Continue reading

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Richmond Southern Marriage & Family Defense Rally (Richmond, VA – April 5th)

Virginia As some of you probably remember, Virginia’s ban on gay marriage was struck down on Valentine’s Day by a black federal judge. The League of the South is going to protest this at the Virginia State Capitol in Richmond on … Continue reading

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Tallahassee Demonstrations

Florida On Saturday, the League of the South held its fourth rally against Southern Demographic Displacement in Tallahassee, FL. The event lasted three hours and took place on the grounds the Florida State Capitol. The rally targeted Sen. Marco Rubio for … Continue reading

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Neo-Nazis In Ukraine?

Ukraine I’m posting this here for Lew and jeppo:

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Crimea Secedes From Ukraine, Votes To Join Russia

Ukraine Just SECEDE … “The Moscow-backed government of Crimea said Thursday that it will hold a referendum on whether to formally secede from Ukraine and join the Russian Federation, dramatically escalating tension as the West tries to negotiate a withdrawal … Continue reading

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