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Republican Controlled Congress Delivers Obamatrade

While the world was distracted by Dylann Roof’s shooting spree, the Republican-controlled Congress singlehandedly saved Obamatrade and handed President Obama “fast track authority” to negotiate new free trade agreements: “The White House and Republican leaders notched a significant victory Wednesday … Continue reading

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Republican Controlled Supreme Court Upholds Obamacare

Now that the Republican-controlled Supreme Court has upheld Obamacare for a second time, the GOP is relieved that it will no longer have to feign resistance to the federal control takeover of the healthcare system: “Even as Republicans rose in … Continue reading

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Rod Dreher’s Bolshevik Revolution

Epic post coming up this afternoon, folks. Stay tuned. I’m about to call out these mainstream American “conservatives” on how they have destroyed the South. These people, who Rod Dreher exemplies, know very well what they have done. Now that … Continue reading

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Hypocritical Liberal Liars Obama and Hillary Both Used Confederate Flags In Elections

A very interesting piece has been put together by “Crimson Tide” over at Majority Rebellion, that folks will definitely find shocking. Not ones to ever let a good massacre go to waste, nor a chance to smear and destroy the … Continue reading

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Why Should Nationalists Vote For The Republican Party?

Editor’s Note: This is a work in progress, but I am putting together a definitive statement on why nationalists should not support the Republican Party. At the outset of this article, I want to stress that this is not a … Continue reading

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Neo-Conservative Traitor Karl Rove Calls For A Repeal Of Constitution’s Second Amendment

Skip to the five minute mark in the above video, filmed this morning on Fox News Sunday, to witness Republican strategist and devilish worm Karl Rove demand an immediate suspension of the Second Amendment, and subsequent gun confiscation. Using the … Continue reading

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Former Massachusetts Governor and Presidential Candidate Mitt Romney Demands South Carolina Confederate Flag Be Scrapped

In yet another strange happening that was also reported on the Majority Rebellion site, former Massachusetts Governor Mitt Romney, champion of whichever cause grants popularity at the immediate moment, has come out swinging both fists against the South, demanding that the … Continue reading

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The Donald Announces

After the eye glazing rollout of ¡Jeb! 2016, I thought the 2016 Republican presidential race was going to be a complete snorefest, but now with The Donald officially in the race, we will at least see some fireworks in the … Continue reading

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Hillary Clinton’s Jewish Handler

I’m surprised that National Review would publish this, but for some reason the “mainstream” has been becoming much more open to discussing how Jewish oligarchs are the puppeteers behind American politicians: “Weeks after Hillary Clinton became secretary of state, the … Continue reading

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Marco Rubio’s Jewish Handler

His name is Norman Braman, and you can read about his financial relationship with Marco Rubio in the New York Times: “MIAMI — One day in the State Capitol in Tallahassee, Marco Rubio, the young speaker of the House, strayed … Continue reading

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