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Review: A History of Appalachia

Richard B. Drake’s A History of Appalachia is an excellent introduction to the history and culture of the people of the region. The book can best be described as a scholarly overview of the literature that exists on the subject. … Continue reading

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Special Episode of The Sonny Thomas Show on Southern Nationalism

Ohio Dr. Hill and I along with Olaf Childress of The First Freedom were guests this evening on The Sonny Thomas Show. We discussed the Southern Nationalist movement and various other topics like the essence of Americanism: Note: Is modern … Continue reading

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Federal Court Rejects Ohio Gay Marriage Ban

Ohio OD’s worldview is confirmed once again: “CINCINNATI (AP) — A federal judge ordered Ohio authorities Monday to recognize gay marriages on death certificates, saying that the state’s ban on such unions is unconstitutional and that states cannot discriminate against … Continue reading

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Murder By Craigslist

Ohio This article in The Atlantic about a Craigslist serial killer doesn’t pertain to anything we normally discuss on this website, but I thought it was worth flagging here because this is a job that would appeal to a lot of … Continue reading

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Go, Sonny, Go!

Ohio I met this guy at the 2013 Council of Conservative Citizens conference … he has made his own secessionist media wave: “A prosperous suburban enclave in southwestern Ohio is apparently some budding hotbed of Southern secessionism. The latest incident … Continue reading

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Joshua Giddings on the South

Ohio In light of John Bonaccorsi’s comments in the Lincoln-Douglas Debates thread, I will share another excerpt from America Aflame: How The Civil War Created a Nation: “The danger to the South and its institutions was no longer abstract, as … Continue reading

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Faux Polls: PPP Poll (Ohio): Obama 50, Romney 45 (D+9)

Ohio PPP has a fresh poll out of Ohio likely voters which also shows Obama with a 5 point lead in Ohio!!! Note: You can check the internals of the poll here. Skip down to the Party ID at Question … Continue reading

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Ohio: The Greater Appalachia Factor

Ohio In 2008, Obama only won Ohio with 51.2% of the vote, even with a D+8 electorate and an 8 point advantage with Independents. How come? It is very significant that McCain won 92 percent of Republicans, but Obama only … Continue reading

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Bitch Get Off My Bus! Cleveland Bus Driver Uppercuts Modern Rosa Parks

Ohio H/T Drudge We’re blowing the dog whistle this morning to remind everyone that Holder’s people are still acting black on public transportation in BRA … World Star, World Star! [youtube=]

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Romney: The White Majority’s President

Ohio This comes from an incredible article called “The Average White Guy Vote”: “The problem for President Barack Obama and down-ticket Democrats on November’s ballot is that average white guys aren’t just found in West Virginia; they’re in Ohio, Pennsylvania, … Continue reading

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