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Federal Court Rejects Ohio Gay Marriage Ban

Ohio OD’s worldview is confirmed once again: “CINCINNATI (AP) — A federal judge ordered Ohio authorities Monday to recognize gay marriages on death certificates, saying that the state’s ban on such unions is unconstitutional and that states cannot discriminate against … Continue reading

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Murder By Craigslist

Ohio This article in The Atlantic about a Craigslist serial killer doesn’t pertain to anything we normally discuss on this website, but I thought it was worth flagging here because this is a job that would appeal to a lot of … Continue reading

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Go, Sonny, Go!

Ohio I met this guy at the 2013 Council of Conservative Citizens conference … he has made his own secessionist media wave: “A prosperous suburban enclave in southwestern Ohio is apparently some budding hotbed of Southern secessionism. The latest incident … Continue reading

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Joshua Giddings on the South

Ohio In light of John Bonaccorsi’s comments in the Lincoln-Douglas Debates thread, I will share another excerpt from America Aflame: How The Civil War Created a Nation: “The danger to the South and its institutions was no longer abstract, as … Continue reading

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Faux Polls: PPP Poll (Ohio): Obama 50, Romney 45 (D+9)

Ohio PPP has a fresh poll out of Ohio likely voters which also shows Obama with a 5 point lead in Ohio!!! Note: You can check the internals of the poll here. Skip down to the Party ID at Question … Continue reading

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Ohio: The Greater Appalachia Factor

Ohio In 2008, Obama only won Ohio with 51.2% of the vote, even with a D+8 electorate and an 8 point advantage with Independents. How come? It is very significant that McCain won 92 percent of Republicans, but Obama only … Continue reading

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Bitch Get Off My Bus! Cleveland Bus Driver Uppercuts Modern Rosa Parks

Ohio H/T Drudge We’re blowing the dog whistle this morning to remind everyone that Holder’s people are still acting black on public transportation in BRA … World Star, World Star! [youtube=]

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Romney: The White Majority’s President

Ohio This comes from an incredible article called “The Average White Guy Vote”: “The problem for President Barack Obama and down-ticket Democrats on November’s ballot is that average white guys aren’t just found in West Virginia; they’re in Ohio, Pennsylvania, … Continue reading

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Central State University Brawl

Ohio In the Mars Challenge, I noted that the Bush and Obama administrations had spent $323 million dollars in 2008, $323 million dollars in 2009, and $323 million dollars in 2010 on “strengthening historically black colleges and universities.” $350 million … Continue reading

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The Degeneration of the Modern Afro-American Negro

Ohio Editor’s Note: In light of new information, I have removed the link to this video.

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