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Party Like Its 2011

Television It was “Project Confrontation” that worked. Everyone agrees now that the unsettling world of the past is over. Out with the New World. In with the Old World. What an exciting moment in human history. Whizz. The human mind … Continue reading

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OD Book Club, Week 2: America Besieged – Chapter 2

This week’s discussion will be on Chapter 2: Ethnic Differences from the America Besieged e-book. This chapter is split into three sections, summarizing the latest research and most recent anecdotes relating to racial differences in intelligence, prevalence of societal problems, and criminality. … Continue reading

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OD Book Club, Week 1: America Besieged – Intro and Chapter 1

This is the first of what will hopefully be many weekly posts for our new book club. We invite you to read the “assigned” chapters of a selected book and discuss the material you’ve read. We’ll be kicking off the … Continue reading

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