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Man Sets Himself On Fire Outside Breivik Trial

Norway In a failed attempted at self immolation (not enough lighter fluid there, bro), Trine set himself on fire outside the Breivik trial … maybe he will find web redemption on an episode of Tosh.0? [youtube=]

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Norwegians Sing “Children of the Rainbow”

Norway Hitler was justified in conquering this country. Lillebjoern Nilsen’s ”Children of the Rainbow,” a Marxist song that Anders Breivik hates, is a Norwegian rendition of the Yankee Pete Seeger’s “Rainbow Race.” Seeger also likes to perform the communist Woody Guthrie’s … Continue reading

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Norway’s Punisher

Norway Breivik was planning a much larger scale attack: OSLO — There were 569 people on the island the day that Anders Behrig Breivik opened fire — and he told a court on Thursday he would have liked to kill … Continue reading

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Breivik Planned To Behead Norwegian Prime Minister

Norway H/T Drudge Anders Breivik planned to behead former Norwegian Prime Minister Gro Harlem Bruntland, film the decapitation, and post the video to the internet as a warning to other liberal multiculturalist traitors. Note: He claims to have been inspired … Continue reading

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Breivik’s Defense Statement

Norway Here is a transcript of Breivik’s 73 minute self defense statement: “Responsible Norwegians and Europeans who feel morally obliged to not see that Norwegians are made to a minority in their own country. They’re not going to see that … Continue reading

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Breivik’s Trial

Norway As predicted, it has become a John Brown-style political stage for attacking multiculturalism: We have ten more weeks of this. Note: My sympathies are with all the Norwegians who have been murdered, robbed, raped, and assaulted by Muslims since … Continue reading

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Breivik Video

Norway More cartoons. This is great stuff from the creator of “The Glorious Nation of Zimbabwe” which was a big hit here. Spread these memes on Facebook and Twitter. Anders Behring Breivik Crusader – Parody of Multiculturalism in Norway. from … Continue reading

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