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Review: A History of Appalachia

Richard B. Drake’s A History of Appalachia is an excellent introduction to the history and culture of the people of the region. The book can best be described as a scholarly overview of the literature that exists on the subject. … Continue reading

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Matthew Heimbach at 2013 CofCC Conference

North Carolina Here’s Matthew Heimbach’s speech at the 2013 CofCC Conference last weekend: Reactionary to Revolutionary: The Only Path to Victory. Note: Instead of reading ourselves “out of the mainstream,” we could alternatively support a “Lincolnian program of opportunity and … Continue reading

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Jared Taylor on Modern Witches

North Carolina Here is Jared Taylor’s speech at the 2013 CofCC Conference: Note: In other news, Kelly Ayotte of New Hampshire is the latest example of a Republican who lied on immigration to get elected: Kelly Ayotte. News. 16 September … Continue reading

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Negroes In Negroland (1868)

North Carolina Here’s the link to Hinton Rowan Helper’s less famous book, Negroes in Negroland (1868), which he wrote in the midst of Reconstruction in North Carolina. Has anything changed? “The party has, since the termination of the war, viciously and unpardonably … Continue reading

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Yes To Dixie 3.0

Virginia and North Carolina At some point, I would like to do one of these videos for Alabama: Note: See the previous videos from South Carolina and Missouri.

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Russia Today on Secession Movement

North Carolina H/T White & Confederate Russia Today interviews some League of the South members from North Carolina: [youtube=]

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North Carolina Gone, Is Virginia Next?

North Carolina Romney started pulling resources out of North Carolina last week. Now Obama is falling back to Virginia. It is coming down to the Midwest: “But senior Democrats increasingly recognize that their path to 270 electoral votes is not … Continue reading

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NCFire Immigration Conference

North Carolina I know we have a lot of readers in North Carolina. I also know how terrible the illegal alien problem has become in North Carolina over the past twenty years. With that I mind, I believe that some … Continue reading

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What Hath Transplants Wrought

North Carolina There are few subjects which get Southerners more fired up than the Transplant Question: “About two months ago I mentioned my disappointment that Raleigh, NC lacked Southern culture, only to be informed in the comment section that true … Continue reading

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Hoodies for Trayvon

North Carolina A rally for Trayvon Martin was recently held inside this Yemeni-owned convenience store in Farmville, NC when three African-Americans stopped at Hustle Mart to purchase a pack a Skittles and an Arizona iced tea: Update: The Derb covered … Continue reading

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