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With Jews We Lose

A blogger over at The Daily Stormer is planning to distribute these signs around southern New Hampshire: Note: The SPLC has an article about it on the Hatewatch.

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Rand Paul: GOP Must Embrace Diversity

New Hampshire Funny. The GOP in Alabama hasn’t embraced diversity and has 6 out of 7 congressmen, 2 senators, the governorship, a supermajority in the state legislature, and controls every statewide office. The Democratic Party in Alabama recently split down … Continue reading

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The Yankee Outlier

New Hampshire In the contrarian state of New Hampshire, which relishes thumbing its nose at Vermont and Massachusetts, Romney has pulled ahead of Obama in the latest ARG poll, 50 percent to 46 percent. Note: Unless you count Pennsylvania, New … Continue reading

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Steyn: 2012 Election Is The Last Exit Ramp Before The Death Spiral

New Hampshire Believe in America. Romney 2012. Note: It has Sovietesque ring to it, doesn’t it? “The other day, I passed a Republican Party county office here in my home state, its window attractively emblazoned with placards declaring “Believe in … Continue reading

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Ron Paul Wins Younger Voters In New Hampshire

New Hampshire The CNN exit poll of New Hampshire Republican voters is out and the results are not surprising: (1) Ron Paul won 47 percent of voters 18 to 29, 32 percent of voters 30 to 44, 19 percent of … Continue reading

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Official: Romney Wins New Hampshire Primary

New Hampshire The polls haven’t closed yet in New Hampshire but we can already predict the result: Mitt Romney > Ron Paul > Rick Santorum. We’re not going to be up late tonight. This race should be even more one-sided … Continue reading

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