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National Review on Nelson Mandela

New York The final word on “mainstream” conservatism: Note: The GOP recently praised Rosa Parks for her role in ‘ending racism.’ “Among world leaders, Nelson Mandela had unmatched moral authority. When George W. Bush awarded him the Presidential Medal of … Continue reading

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Lindsey Graham: “Free Speech Is a Great Idea, But We’re In a War”

District of Corruption Sen. Lindsey Graham reminds us that in the Second World War there were “limits on what you could say” and wishes “he could find some way to hold people accountable” for their views because “we’re in a … Continue reading

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Lindsey Graham Raising Money In Palm Beach County

Florida Sen. Lindsey Graham is on the campaign trail this morning… in Palm Beach County, Florida, to raise money for his reelection campaign in South Carolina. Graham is traveling through South Florida, quite literally, to meet with his real constituents … Continue reading

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Offering Us The Poison Apple

Most OD readers are aware of the many false “conservatives,” the neo-conservatives, the RINOs who pretend to be on our side, when instead they work to implement anti-Southern, anti-White, anti-American immigration, crime, and foreign policies, while giving us some form … Continue reading

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K-Lo on Mitt’s Turning Point

National Review Don’t miss this crucial column from NRO’s Kathryn Jean Lopez in which she recounts the story of how Mitt Romney’s speech to the NAACP impressed her Nigerian cab driver in the Beltway: “Condi!” The mid-July rumor that Mitt … Continue reading

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Amurrica Series: Chuck’s Proposition Nation

Kansas I’ve been following the “Citizenism vs. WN” debate on Chuck Rudd’s website although it seems that like others I am barred from participating. My honest response to “citizenism” is just incredulous laughter: if you value your citizenship as a … Continue reading

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Amurrica Series: Iran Deserves To Be Annihilated

Amurrica In BRA, we’re the ones who are labeled “extremists”: [youtube=]

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Official: Romney Wins Florida Primary

Florida Rim Job of Free Republic about to have a meltdown.

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Newt Gingrich’s Univision Interview

Florida Newt Gingrich laughs at Romney’s attrition through enforcement strategy and calls it “an Obama level fantasy,” says Romney has no concern for the “humanity” of illegal aliens, cites his vote for the 1986 IRCA amnesty. He supports birthright citizenship … Continue reading

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The Camp of the Saints

Amurrica I’m just tacking this here as a shout out to new commentator, Wayne. I was searching the blogosphere looking for recent mentions of this website when I noticed that a Christian Zionist neocon patriotard website called “The Camp of … Continue reading

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