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NSM In Chattanooga

April 28, 2014 // 16 Comments

Tennessee The NSM came to Chattanooga this weekend and protested illegal immigration their way [...]

L’Affaire Glenn Miller

April 14, 2014 // 85 Comments

Alabama Update: The third victim, Terri LaManno, is a Catholic. Glenn Miller goes on a shooting spree in Kansas Like everyone, I am stunned by Glenn Miller’s shooting [...]

NSM Atlanta Rally

September 12, 2013 // 132 Comments

Georgia The NSM and the Klan recently held a joint protest at the Georgia state capitol in Atlanta on Adolf Hitler’s birthday: Note: I was unaware of this until this [...]

Beware of Vantards

August 7, 2012 // 174 Comments

Drudge Report This is the image that is splashed on the front page of The Drudge Report: Note: He looks like a younger version of Harold Covington or Bill White. Vantard [...]

Tennessee: Dusk or Dawn?

August 16, 2010 // 63 Comments

Tennessee Rejects Amnesty. The NSM thread paints an extremely bleak portrait of our fortunes in Tennessee. A casual visitor of this site who watches those two videos reaches [...]

Open Thread — Adolf Hitler

April 20, 2010 // 185 Comments

One way or another, the man born on this date will never be forgotten.  Worshiped or reviled, studied and feared to this day, he created and led an ideology that the entire [...]

Kentucky: Knob Creek Machine Gun Shoot

April 12, 2010 // 70 Comments

As several of you know, I spent the weekend on the road in Kentucky at the Knob Creek Machine Gun Shoot, which bills itself as “The World’s Largest Machine Gun [...]

Michelle “Bombshell” McGee

April 3, 2010 // 33 Comments

This is the segment CNN aired regarding Jesse James’ affair with Michelle “Bombshell” McGee. Notice that virtually nothing is said about Michelle McGee [...]

White Power USA

January 7, 2010 // 25 Comments

Having watched the video, it is clear that anti-racists prefer to discuss the “vanguardists” (read: cultists) over the “mainstreamers.” They want to [...]

Interview: Hunter Wallace

December 18, 2009 // 199 Comments

I just finished the Jim Giles interview. I will post a hyperlink to the archive whenever it becomes available. It would please me greatly if everyone who reads and/or [...]

Guy White on Nazis

November 16, 2009 // 79 Comments

As you can see, it is his favorite subject. This was so good that I felt compelled to share it with my favorite philo-Semitic blogger. A few days ago, Guy White had this to [...]