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NSM In Chattanooga

Tennessee The NSM came to Chattanooga this weekend and protested illegal immigration their way …

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L’Affaire Glenn Miller

Alabama Update: The third victim, Terri LaManno, is a Catholic. Like everyone, I am stunned by Glenn Miller’s shooting spree in Kansas. There was nothing in his recent posts on VNN Forum that I saw that indicated to me that Glenn … Continue reading

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Neo-Nazis In Ukraine?

Ukraine I’m posting this here for Lew and jeppo:

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Cobbsville: Kynan Dutton To Testify Against Craig Cobb

North Dakota Et tu, Kynan? … and now for something serious: “(Reuters) – A man charged with threatening residents of a small North Dakota town pleaded guilty on Friday to lesser offenses and agreed to testify against a white supremacist … Continue reading

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NSM Atlanta Rally

Georgia The NSM and the Klan recently held a joint protest at the Georgia state capitol in Atlanta on Adolf Hitler’s birthday: Note: I was unaware of this until this morning.

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Beware of Vantards

Drudge Report This is the image that is splashed on the front page of The Drudge Report: Note: He looks like a younger version of Harold Covington or Bill White. Vantard meltdowns do happen: J.T. Ready, Curt Maynard, Todd Vanbiber, … Continue reading

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Brown Herring J.T. Ready Self Detonates In Quadruple Murder Suicide

Arizona J.T. Ready, who is known affectionately at OD and VDARE as the Brown Herring, has become the latest Neo-Nazi vanguardist (think Yankee Jim, Curt Maynard, Joe Snuffy) to self detonate in an apparent murder-suicide: Note: This was a personal … Continue reading

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Brown Herring: The J.T. Ready Saga Continues

Arizona Last July, James Ryan (no relation to Jack Ryan) wrote a story in VDARE about the mainstream media’s attempt to smear restrictionists in Arizona through guilt by association with J.T. Ready and the NSM. In Phoenix Farce, I wrote … Continue reading

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Tennessee: Dusk or Dawn?

The NSM thread paints an extremely bleak portrait of our fortunes in Tennessee. A casual visitor of this site who watches those two videos reaches for Oswald Spengler, the liquor bottle, or a white towel. Fortunately, the Neo-Nazi sideshow in … Continue reading

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Knoxville Area Law Enforcement Agencies Unite for Successful Police Rally

Hundreds of law enforcement agents from the Knoxville area united to stage a successful Police Rally in downtown Knoxville on Saturday, putting on a show of force and collecting overtime pay as well.  A few hundred members of the Knoxville … Continue reading

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