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Martin Luther King, Jr. and the Rise of Black Run Amerika

District of Corruption By the time you read this article, the American political and cultural establishment will be going through all the rituals of celebrating the holiest day in America’s secular religion: the Martin Luther King, Jr. federal holiday. It … Continue reading

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District of Corruption Poseidon has shaken the Beltway! He was offended by the MLK statue that was unveiled on the National Mall yesterday. It was an intolerable insult to the god of the sea. Update: In related news, Mercury has … Continue reading

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The Muse of Hate: Vulcan’s Forge

Alabama It is another bright summer day in the Sunny South. Philosopher King is working overtime to cover “the debt ceiling crisis” unfolding in Washington and Wall Street. He is furiously analyzing information and trying to make sense of what … Continue reading

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