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Amurrica Series: Vomiting on Lady Gaga

Texas I’m not even sure this a new low US popular culture … Lady Gaga — Lets Some Girl VOMIT ON HER During SXSW Show – Watch More Celebrity Videos or Subscribe

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Communist Pete Seeger Is Dead

New York Here’s some good news. Note: This is from Seeger’s Wikipedia biography, “Seeger was born at the French Hospital, Midtown Manhattan. His Yankee-Protestant family, which Seeger called “enormously Christian, in the Puritan, Calvinist New England tradition”, traced its genealogy … Continue reading

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Music Break: Charlie Daniels The South’s Going to Do it Again

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Amurrica Series: God Bless America

Breitbart I’m not sure why Lil’ Wayne is stomping on Old Glory here … it’s BRA’s flag, his own flag, what’s the problem? Update: Here’s the link to the lyrics.

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“Forward” With Obama

BRA Obama is sounding more like a loser everyday: Big Bird, “Romnesia,” binders full of women, Richard Mourdock supports rapists, “battleships and bayonets,” etc. Now comes this lame music video. Note: The Gallup poll in October tells the tale. You … Continue reading

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“Snoop Lion”: Why I Am Not Voting For Romney

BRA The artist formerly known as “Snoop Dogg” has released a list of reasons that explains why he is voting for Barack Obama instead of Mitt Romney. The single most important reason cited by “Snoop Lion” is that Barack Obama … Continue reading

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Music Break – Hank Williams Jr. a Country Boy Can Survive

Yeah, thinks look rough. But, I bet things look better in the rural South, than they do here in Blue state urban America. If anyone should be going survivalist, End Time thinking and acting, it should be us heterosexual, Indo-European … Continue reading

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Amurrica Series: “The Bro Gotta Go”

Amurrica The latest appeal for Mitt Romney in November:

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Bob Dylan Interview: “Stigma of Slavery” Ruined America

Rolling Stone Bob Dylan has given an interview to Rolling Stone magazine in which he is widely quoted saying that the “stigma of slavery ruined America” because America was “founded on the backs of slaves.” He also added that “people … Continue reading

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Lil B – Violate That Bitch

Dumpster Are rappers worthless? No, they are just a reflection of free negroes making economic choices in the free market: Note: Why are rappers millionaires? Why is the Nike Air Yeezy II selling for $2,000 on E-Bay? Why are there … Continue reading

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