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Ain’t That America: Presbyterians Embrace Gay Marriage

Michigan In the United States, it is important to understand that what is called “Christianity” has long been nothing more than Americanism dressed up with a cross and a Jesus mascot. “Christianity” is always getting a new facelift to correspond … Continue reading

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Federal Judges Strikes Down Michigan Gay Marriage Ban

Michigan US federal judges have decided to anoint themselves as our rulers. What’s the point of having elections when unelected judges make the law? (CNN) – A federal judge on Friday ruled that Michigan’s prohibition on same-sex marriage violates the U.S. … Continue reading

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MSU Professors Attacks “Closet Racists”

Michigan This is who we want to secede from:

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Parrott’s View

Michigan Matt Parrott writes: “The Catholic Church that Chechar envisions destroying Latin America and the Protestant Yankees Hunter Wallace envisions destroying Dixie are merely the zombie carcasses of Christianity, spearheads of the capitalist impulse to expand into their respective societies … Continue reading

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Tales From Detroit: LeDuff on Emergency Manager’s Report

Michigan In other news, Dave Bing is quitting: “What stands out to me is 40 years of dropping demographics, of reducing revenues—you don’t get the magnitude of neighborhood blight we have overnight—of no one having a plan or solution for … Continue reading

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Tales From Detroit: America’s Top 3 Most Violent Neighborhoods Are In Detroit

Michigan In related news, I have discovered that has the same setup as Update:,,, and use the same software. Fox 2 News Headlines

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Caught In The Black Undertow: Detroit—And America?

VDARE Check out William L. Houston’s excellent review of Charlie LeDuff’s Detroit: An American Autopsy at VDARE. Note: Naturally, Gov. Rick Snyder chose a black emergency manager for Detroit in order to deflect charges of “racism.” Once again, Detroit is … Continue reading

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Tales From Detroit: The Day Freedom Failed In Detroit

Michigan I was on the road yesterday when the word got back to me that the day Paul Kersey had predicted would happen in Escape From Detroit: The Collapse of America’s Black Metropolis had finally arrived after a year of … Continue reading

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Tales From Detroit: LeDuff’s Aunt’s Funeral

Michigan Here’s one of my favorite excerpts from Charlie LeDuff’s new book, Detroit: An American Autopsy: “My wife and I loaded up the baby in the SUV and drove to my aunt’s funeral in a rural corner of Oakland County, … Continue reading

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Tales From Detroit: The D Collapses

Michigan I haven’t laughed so hard all year: “For it is in the ruins of Detroit, which black people have been custodians of since 1973, and in the news of the financial collapse of the city today that any belief … Continue reading

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