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American Family Decline

H/T Rod Dreher The New York Times has an interesting article on a regional divide in the integrity of the American family: “When it comes to family arrangements, the United States has a North-South divide. Children growing up across much … Continue reading

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Review: Marriage, a History: How Love Conquered Marriage

Around the time that Andrew Anglin over at The Daily Stormer started to go MGTOW, I bought some books on Amazon that I thought would be helpful in learning more about the meaning of “traditional marriage” and “traditional gender roles.” … Continue reading

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GQ Article on Manosphere

Check this out. Note: Greg Johnson has an article about the manosphere at Counter-Currents.

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Amanda Bradley on the Absolute Woman

There has been much discussion here lately about the elusive traditional woman. We have had several discussions on this topic in the past and they always generate a good deal of controversy. Sadly, the dulcet tones of the Tradition-oriented woman … Continue reading

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The Elusive Traditional Woman

I recognize that I am opening up a can of worms with this post. The sex/gender related posts tend to generate more controversy and responses than any other topic. But this is an important subject. It is worthy of further … Continue reading

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RE: Why Nobody Likes…White Nationalism

We’ve shaven our intimidating fu manchu mustaches and grown hair on our formerly shaven heads. We’ve forked out thousands of dollars for tattoo removal. We’ve put our anachronistic costumes in the attic and no longer convey sinister subcultural cues with the colors … Continue reading

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RE: Saving the White Race with Sexual Degeneracy

Domain names don’t get much more fancy than and aliases don’t get much more fancy than Ferdinand Bardamu. So a man could be forgiven for assuming that he’s stumbling onto a pretty fancy blog. So imagine my surprise when … Continue reading

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Roissy Is Restoring Balance To The Force

Edit: For the Roissy-haters who don’t comprehend the subtext of the Roissy phenomenon. Sexual libertinism is how he illustrates the power-relation between the sexes, and it’s going to provide far more help to responsible beta males, who are the Atlases … Continue reading

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Which Way Young Western Man?

Hello, I’m Mike Capatano. Thankfully,  Hunter didn’t publish that last article I submitted to Occidental Dissent. For my first assignment, I was asked to write an exposé about the Northwest Imperative. Since I actually do reside in the Evergreen State, … Continue reading

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RE: White Knight Nationalism

Sometimes criticizing an essay just gets in the way of letting the essay humiliate itself. This article in The Spearhead entitled: White Nationalism? More like White Knight Nationalism, is one of those times. Patrick Ford over at Alt.Right keeps worrying … Continue reading

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