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Western Maryland

Maryland RT America covers the Western Maryland secession movement:

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Blood and Soil: A Southern White Nationalist Perspective

Maryland Matthew Heimbach has a new essay on religion and other important issues: “This past weekend I shared a hotel room with a member of the League, he was a National Socialist and a folk religionist. While his political and … Continue reading

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Yes To Independence 7.0

Maryland H/T SNN A Marylander explains why he supports Southern independence: Note: The desire for Southern independence is really no more complicated than the chronic inability of some people to mind their own business and their track record of forcing … Continue reading

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Matthew Heimbach, Jared Taylor, and the White Student Union at Towson University

Alabama The SPLC notes all the great activist work the uppity Matthew Heimbach has been doing in Maryland as well as his ties to notorious, wicked racial heretics like Amren, the CofCC, League of the South, OD, and SNN: “Later … Continue reading

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Matthew Heimbach’s Call to Action

Maryland I’m crossposting this here for Matthew. – HW “As a new school year dawns here at Towson University, we must address one of the final frontiers of equality at our multicultural school. For far too long, due to political … Continue reading

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Baltimore Flash Mob

Maryland The flash mob beat the 7-Eleven manager: Note: Grape drink slurpee? [youtube=]

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Maryland: The Color of Crime

Maryland In Maryland, African-Americans are 29.4 percent of the population, but are responsible for 77 percent of homicide, 49 percent of rape, 77 percent of robbery, 53 percent of aggravated assault, and 48 percent of burglary. Source: Crime in Maryland, … Continue reading

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Update: White Guy Beaten and Stripped By Black Undertow

Maryland Remember this video from last week? This crime happened in Baltimore. More here. Update: 4chan got him! Note: The attacker is from Rosedale. If that rings a bell, it is because the Rosedale McDonald’s’s is where the transsexual Chrissy … Continue reading

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Confederate History Month 2012: John Wilkes Booth on Race

Maryland John Wilkes Booth, who assassinated the tyrant Abraham Lincoln for endorsing “nigger citizenship” in Louisiana, was a diehard Confederate nationalist from Maryland. “This country was formed for the white not for the black man. And looking upon African slavery … Continue reading

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Latest Bus Incident

Maryland You meet all kinds of people from all walks of life on public transportation in America:

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