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Domino’s Pizza Delivery Man Found Murdered In New Orleans

H/T CofCC In case you are wondering, there’s probably a reason Domino’s doesn’t deliver pizza to your black neighborhood: “It was Wednesday, they all said, and Chris should have been there. On any other Wednesday, Richard Yeager – known as … Continue reading

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Big Fag Defeated

Louisiana A&E folds … Phil Robertson’s suspension on ‘Duck Dynasty’ has been reversed. Note: Cracker Barrel has also apologized to its customers. Imagine what would happen if White America could ever get organized on a permanent basis.

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Duck Dynasty’s Phil Robertson Suspended

Louisiana Here’s a link to the best article that I have read on the subject. The producers of the ‘Duck Dynasty’ reality television show originally wanted it to be another anti-Southern and anti-Christian ‘Here Comes Honey Boo Boo’ or ‘Buckwild’ … Continue reading

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The Kingfish: Populist Champion of Poor Whites

Louisiana I’ve written extensively about the futility of putting all our time and money, hopes and dreams into trying to elect libertarian, economic conservatives like Ron Paul and Rand Paul. Poor and working class White voters have strongly rejected libertarian-style … Continue reading

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Explaining Common Criminals

Louisiana Here’s another key excerpt from Adrian Raine’s The Anatomy of Violence: The Biological Roots of Crime which explains why New Orleans and Birmingham are so plagued by “senseless violence” and “tragic shootings”: Note: The prefrontal cortex is the part of … Continue reading

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Armed Robbery Fail

Louisiana In New Orleans, an African-American attempts to rob Lew: “On Saturday, 4/27/13 at or about 5:05AM, the victim was walking in the 1900 block of Burgundy when he was approached by an unknown black male. The subject pointed a … Continue reading

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Black Flash Mob Runs Wild at Mall of Louisiana

Louisiana The recent Black Undertow flash mob that degenerated into a 200-person brawl at the Mall of Louisiana in Baton Rouge ties directly into the gun control debate between Alex Jones and Piers Morgan: Note: There is a reason why those … Continue reading

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Louisiana Secession Petition Drive

Louisiana H/T Free Republic Update: 4,762 signatures now!! If you support the right of Louisiana to secede from BRA, please sign this petition at

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Louisiana Fake Hate Crime

Louisiana Is the SPLC on top of this story? I haven’t checked. “Forensic evidence indicates that a 20-year woman suffering from extensive burns set herself on fire then invented a story about being doused in flammable liquid by three men … Continue reading

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Charles Ogletree at Caddo Courthouse

Louisiana Black Confederates rally in defense of the Confederate flag in Shreveport: [youtube=]

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