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A World Without White People: A Visual Look at a Mongrel Future

Reacting to the latest example of Leftist drivel to issue forth from the bowels of the Huffington Post, in which the idea of Whites becoming a powerless minority in America is celebrated, one has to accurately show what such a … Continue reading

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Unfair Campaign PSA

Minnesota The nutty anti-racists in Minnesota are the biggest story in the conservative media right now: [youtube=]

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Occupying Privilege

Tennessee Check out this important new book featuring our dear friend Tim Wise: Occupying Privilege: Conversations on Love, Race and Liberation. “In Occupying Privilege, today’s cultural icons–writers, activists, educators, and artists—offer unique and fresh perspectives on white supremacy, white privilege, … Continue reading

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Breivik Video

Norway More cartoons. This is great stuff from the creator of “The Glorious Nation of Zimbabwe” which was a big hit here. Spread these memes on Facebook and Twitter. Anders Behring Breivik Crusader – Parody of Multiculturalism in Norway. from … Continue reading

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City of Brotherly Love

Pennsylvania As John Bonaccorsi gives us poor ignorant Southerners a lecture about the true history of the War Between the States, this is what is going on in Philadelphia in the year 2011. It is black people practicing MLK’s philosophy of … Continue reading

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BRA’s Nemesis

Romulus I want to directly communicate with the eunuchs – the prostitutes of the liberal establishment – who are browsing this website. As before, I want to draw upon metaphors from the progressive fantasy ideology of history. In the scene … Continue reading

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Cease Transmission

New York Vulcan Intelligence Report NX-107 B The New York Times has convened another conclave of sanctimonious liberal eunuchs who speak for no one but themselves to push the “Timothy McVeigh” meme. Mark Potok, who is unable to accurately interpret … Continue reading

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Travelogue: A Journey Through Montgomery

Alabama “Today I have made you a fortified city, an iron pillar and a bronze wall to stand against the whole land – against the kings of Judah, its officials, its priests and the people of the land.” – Jeremiah … Continue reading

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Stimulating Selma

Alabama “Don’t tell me I’m not coming home when I come to Selma, Ala. I’m here because somebody marched for our freedom. I’m here because y’all sacrificed for me.” – Barack Hussein Obama After traveling to Selma to tour the … Continue reading

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Chicago: Boystown/Halsted Street Stabbing

Illinois Via Thug Report It is rapidly becoming clear that Chicago is the city that just keeps on giving … and to think, I was just chatting with Albert Jackson about citizen journalists armed with social media and smart phones. … Continue reading

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