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Rand Paul’s Time Magazine Cover

American Renaissance’s 2013 White Traitor of Year, Sen. Rand Paul of Kentucky, was on this week’s cover of Time magazine. Time Warner Inc. tells us that Rand Paul is America’s “most interesting man in politics.” He joins Pope Francis, who … Continue reading

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Rand Paul on Ferguson

Here’s the latest nonsense from Rand Paul: “Anyone who thinks race does not skew the application of criminal justice in this country is just not paying close enough attention, Sen. Rand Paul writes for TIME, amid violence in Ferguson, Mo. … Continue reading

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Libertarians in Name Only

It’s getting pretty scary and ugly out there – our Southern border is being overrun by hordes of TB infected mestizo “children,” -well, not really children, more like teens with ties to Mexican drug cartels and MS-13 gangs. The usual … Continue reading

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Liberals in Vermont, Libertarians in North Dakota

North Dakota Those of us who live in brutal, racially conflicted areas like Chicago, South Africa, southern California, and  the White flight suburbs of Birmingham see the problems of black crime, Third World immigration, Islamic terrorism, etc. It’s like dealing … Continue reading

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Rand Paul, Libertarians Pandering in Detroit

The Onion couldn’t make this stuff up.

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Rand Paul: “I Think Lincoln Was One Of Our Greatest Presidents”

District of Corruption Read all about it here and here. “I’m not a fan of secession,” Paul said. “I think the things he said about John Wilkes Booth are absolutely stupid. I think Lincoln was one of our greatest presidents. … Continue reading

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Et Tu, Southern Avenger?

South Carolina This is embarrassing … like what recently happened to Roan Garcia-Quintana and now John Stortstrom, it shows that the door has closed on working within the Republican Party, Conservatism, Inc., and reforming the U.S. political system. Update: Michael Hill has … Continue reading

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Libertarian Immigration Treason… Not Just Ron and Rand Paul

I’ve come under a lot of criticism for exposing the immigration treasons of Ron Paul and Rand Paul. The R&R Paul supporters like their Libertarian Constitutionalists positions on most issues and insist that it must be some “misunderstanding” that these … Continue reading

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The Cost of the Union: Obama’s Police State Revealed

District of Corruption Obama’s minions are tracking your every move on the internet, logging your credit card purchases, rummaging through your email, listening in on your cell phone conversations, etc. “They” almost certainly know who you are by now. Note: … Continue reading

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Outsourcing Is America At Its Best

Forbes I knew this guy sounded familiar … scanning my bookshelf, I spotted his name on a copy of The Ayn Rand Lexicon. “Mitt Romney and Barack Obama are currently fighting over who is the more patriotic. Obama slams Romney … Continue reading

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