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Femen Ruin Christmas

Germany While this Femen protest happened in Germany, I think it captures the essence of America’s ‘natural rights’ ideology when taken to its logical conclusion. This is the kind of woman that Western liberalism inevitably produces: Note: See also the recent US federal … Continue reading

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Slaves to Rich Leftists 2014

The Liberal Left is always bashing White Southerners and all White people for supposed terrible sins of slavery, slavery in the US South having ended over 150 years ago. When did slavery end in Mali Africa or Saudi Arabia? That’s … Continue reading

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Peter Hitchens: Young Should Leave Britain

United Kingdom He could easily be talking about the United States:

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Murfreesboro Mosque Protest and Counter-Protest (2010)

Tennessee Here’s a four part video shot from the perspective of the liberal counter-protesters at the big anti-mosque demonstration in Murfreesboro in 2010: Note: The anti-mosque protesters marched to the Rutherford County Courthouse with American flags, Israeli flags, and Gadsden … Continue reading

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Smart Women and The Intelligence Paradox

United Kingdom In “The Childfree Life,” we saw that Time magazine had dedicated its entire August issue to glorifying voluntary childlessness. In the UK, BBC magazine ran a parallel story called “Your post-pregnancy tales: Stretch marks, scars and ‘breasts like … Continue reading

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Amurrica Series: Wisdom of the World

New York “For it is written: “I will destroy the wisdom of the wise; the intelligence of the intelligent I will frustrate. Where is the wise person? Where is the teacher of the law? Where is the philosopher of this age? … Continue reading

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The Childfree Life

Time Time magazine has dedicated its latest issue to reassuring infertile White liberals that living “the childfree life” in a dense urban area is superior to raising children in the suburbs. See “Childfree Adults Are Not Selfish” and “I Just … Continue reading

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The Cost of the Union: Milestones Toward Despotism

Alabama Editor’s Note: OD has been on the road for a week in Missouri on an important personal mission at the Council of Conservative Citizens HQ. Now that I am back home in Alabama, normal posting has resumed. I’m sure … Continue reading

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Atheism Forever

California H/T Trad Youth As Mark Thomey said this weekend, “they just ain’t like us”: Note: I’m still not sure what to make of religion, but I know this much, this guy does not share my culture. For all the … Continue reading

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Why We Must Reject a ‘Proposition Nation’

Alabama Here is Dr. Michael Hill’s speech at the 2013 League of the South conference:

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