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The Alt-Crackpot

November 30, 2016 // 0 Comments

Conspiracy theory marketers are riding the Trump wave into nationalism [...]

America’s White Male Problem

January 10, 2013 // 46 Comments

Alternet Frank Schaeffer has gone to be a soldier in the Army of the Lord … “The American political process is being hijacked by a reckless, whining dangerous [...]

Live Thread: Mayan Doomsday

December 20, 2012 // 45 Comments

Earth According to The History Channel, the end of the world is tomorrow, so what are your plans for this evening? Note: OD was disappointed when The Rapture didn’t [...]

Outsourcing Is America At Its Best

July 29, 2012 // 98 Comments

Forbes I knew this guy sounded familiar … scanning my bookshelf, I spotted his name on a copy of The Ayn Rand Lexicon. “Mitt Romney and Barack Obama are currently [...]

Unfair Campaign PSA

June 23, 2012 // 25 Comments

Minnesota The nutty anti-racists in Minnesota are the biggest story in the conservative media right [...]

Robert E. Lee Statue Vandalized

December 17, 2011 // 7 Comments

Robert E. Lee statue vandalized in Charlottesville Virginia “Occupy Charlottesville,” or some lowlife criminal who sympathizes with their agenda, has vandalized [...]

Briefly Noted: Northwest Novel #5

April 11, 2011 // 45 Comments

More fantasies with Harold Covington Longview Mental Health Unit, Ward 5, Room 6, 25 Day After Being Committed Peering back into the White Nationalist movement, I noticed [...]

White Zionism

February 9, 2011 // 17 Comments

Brigham Young leads the Mormons to Utah PLE The subject of White Zionism is fresh on my mind. In recent weeks, I haven’t given much thought to the issue. Sam [...]

Giffords Shooting: The Last Word

January 12, 2011 // 36 Comments

Arizona A single cartoon says more about the Giffords shooting in Arizona than all the worthless columns I have read in the media and all the progressive blather that I have [...]

Why Vanguardists Never Win

December 28, 2010 // 118 Comments

Welcome to the Island of Greg Johnson The Vanguard I noticed this afternoon that Greg Johnson is going to force me to break my New Year’s Resolution. A few weeks ago, I [...]

Tennessee: Dusk or Dawn?

August 16, 2010 // 63 Comments

Tennessee Rejects Amnesty. The NSM thread paints an extremely bleak portrait of our fortunes in Tennessee. A casual visitor of this site who watches those two videos reaches [...]

Roid Rage: Jim Giles Chimps Out

July 4, 2010 // 149 Comments

Jim Giles, Anger Management Issues After my brief appearance on Radio Free Mississippi, I swore that I would never have anything to do with Jim Giles ever again. In the [...]

The New Anti-Semitism

July 2, 2010 // 16 Comments

The New Anti-Semitism is on the march in America… I love the media’s utmost concern for protecting this adult woman’s identity and treating it like a mental [...]


June 27, 2010 // 26 Comments

Reddit on White Nationalism Moonbats from Reddit have finally discovered an old post of mine: Reddit and Racism. There is a link to it in the Reddit Politics section called [...]

Free Sholom Rubashkin!

June 26, 2010 // 49 Comments

Free Mumia! Every serious movement needs a political prisoner whose persecution serves as a rallying point for them to gather around. Anti-White Leftists have Mumia [...]

Reddit and Racism

May 3, 2010 // 142 Comments

Join the first ever OD moonbat shoot! Invite your friends! Angela Motorman has another thread about White Nationalism on Reddit Politics. This time around she isn’t [...]

Letter to Jeffrey Imm

April 1, 2010 // 34 Comments

Dear Jeffrey, I see now that you successfully held your “public awareness event” at the Lincoln Memorial on March 28. For over a month, I had been planning to [...]

An ARECIBO Message

March 31, 2010 // 48 Comments

There are a lot of reasons to be optimistic, but let’s face it: We might lose. Western Civilization might be undermined by Jews, overwhelmed by Muslims, and betrayed by [...]

Alternative Right be Racist ‘n Shit

March 19, 2010 // 39 Comments

Special Guest Contributor Michael Steele: Yo, yo, yo! This be Michael Steele, the big pimpin’ MC of the GOP. I’m the HNIC representin’ representatives, yo. [...]
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