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The Jewish Question

Hillary Clinton’s Jewish Handler

May 18, 2015 // 21 Comments

I’m surprised that National Review would publish this, but for some reason the “mainstream” has been becoming much more open to discussing how Jewish [...]

Scott Walker Hits The Campaign Trail

May 11, 2015 // 11 Comments

You’re going to go over here and bend the knee. They all do. Gov. Scott Walker is tearing up the campaign trail … in Israel: “MADISON, Wis. — Probable [...]

Marco Rubio’s Jewish Handler

May 10, 2015 // 22 Comments

His name is Norman Braman, and you can read about his financial relationship with Marco Rubio in the New York Times: “MIAMI — One day in the State Capitol in [...]

Ukraine Run By “Miserable Jews”

February 3, 2015 // 50 Comments

If Alexander Zakharchenko is right and Ukraine is indeed being run by “miserable Jews,” this would explain the eagerness of George Soros and Bernard-Henri Lévy [...]
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