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Trad Youth Protests Tim Wise, “Full of Lies,” In Bloomington

It wasn’t the first time either. Trad Youth has protested Tim Wise before at Indiana State University in Terre Haute, Indiana and at the University of Cincinnati in Cincinnati, Ohio. The first protest of Wise was memorable because it ended … Continue reading

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Ukraine Run By “Miserable Jews”

If Alexander Zakharchenko is right and Ukraine is indeed being run by “miserable Jews,” this would explain the eagerness of George Soros and Bernard-Henri Lévy to save the pro-Western regime in Kiev from “Russian aggression” with $15 billion dollars in financial … Continue reading

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Rand Paul’s Long and Thorough Quest For The “Kosher Stamp of Approval”

I know, I know … lots of Jew stuff here lately, but this one is so over the top that I can’t let it pass without comment: “Paul’s quest for a kosher stamp of approval has been long and thorough, … Continue reading

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George Soros and Bernard-Henri Lévy: Save The New Ukraine

After spending $33 million dollars to stir up the “Ferguson” movement in the United States, George Soros is teaming up with Bernard-Henri Lévy to demand that the West spend $15 billion dollars to “save the new Ukraine” from Putin’s aggression: … Continue reading

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Jewish Leaders Call For Europe-Wide Legislation Outlawing Anti-Semitism

Since we are already at the stage where homosexual marriage has been declared a “fundamental right,” why shouldn’t European Jews demand the “right” to be exempt from all criticism? “European Jewish leaders, backed by a host of former EU heads … Continue reading

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The Jew Bill of 1753

Here’s another thought provoking excerpt from Robert Middlekauff’s The Glorious Cause: The American Revolution, 1763-1789. This excerpt is about the failure of a Jewish naturalization bill in Britain in 1753: “Public measures at the middle of the century afford a variety … Continue reading

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George Soros Bankrolls Ferguson Protests

This isn’t a Jewish conspiracy, but it reads like something out of the Protocols of the Elders of Zion. Ferguson, and the broader anti-police movement it has spawned in America, is just another example of the tremendous negative impact that Jewish … Continue reading

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Glenn Greenwald on Charlie Hebdo and Jewish Hypocrisy

Hats off to Glenn Greenwald for having the temerity to point out the rank hypocrisy in the “mainstream” response to the Charlie Hebdo massacre. There isn’t a single “mainstream” cartoonist in Western Europe, including the communists at Charlie Hebdo, which … Continue reading

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Charlie Hebdo Fired Cartoonist For “Anti-Semitism”

H/T CofCC In France, Charlie Hebdo was notorious for trashing Christianity and Islam in its cartoons, but in 2008 one of its cartoonists, Maurice Sinet, crossed the line when he wrote a short column which mildly suggested that Jewishness was correlated … Continue reading

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Jewish Oligarchs Gather To Keep GOP Kosher

This Politico article is a great example of why I don’t believe in Jewish conspiracy theories. A “conspiracy” is a secret plot to do something harmful. There is nothing secretive though about how Jewish billionaires like Sheldon Adelson write huge checks to … Continue reading

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