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Rand Paul’s Long and Thorough Quest For The “Kosher Stamp of Approval”

I know, I know … lots of Jew stuff here lately, but this one is so over the top that I can’t let it pass without comment: “Paul’s quest for a kosher stamp of approval has been long and thorough, … Continue reading

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Israel: Is It Good For The Jews?

Speaking of “the ethnostate,” I just saw this in the bookstore: Note: How about a book called “Dixie: Is It Good For White Southerners”?

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Tens of Thousands of African Asylum Seekers Protest In Israel

Israel Having watched several of these videos, I still can’t bring myself to sympathize with any of these African ‘asylum seekers’ who are carrying on about ‘freedom’ and their ‘human right’ to overrun Israel: Note: Israel recently completed a $337 … Continue reading

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Lindsey Graham Addresses AIPAC, Calls For ‘Full Scale’ War With Iran

District of Corruption In his address to AIPAC in 2010, Sen. Lindsey Graham declared that Israel is “our best friend in the world,” and endorsed a full scale attack on Iran because “sometimes it is better to go to war … Continue reading

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Lindsey Graham on The Israeli Jewish Lobby

District of Corruption Here’s another one of Sen. Lindsey Graham’s greatest hits: his questioning of Chuck Hagel about the “Israeli Jewish Lobby” at his Senate confirmation hearing. Note: If Lindsey Graham isn’t “controlled by the Jews,” he sure gives off … Continue reading

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Lindsey Graham on Standing With Israel

District of Corruption Sen. Lindsey Graham speaks to the Christian Coalition on the importance of standing with Israel:

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Lindsey Graham Has “Israel’s Back”

District of Corruption A photo of Sen. Lindsey Graham has surfaced from yesterday’s “pro-Israel breakfast”($500 a person, $5,000 a couple) in Delray Beach, Florida: In May, Sen. Lindsey Graham’s resolution SR 65 passed the US Senate, which declares that the … Continue reading

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Lindsey Graham Raising Money In Palm Beach County

Florida Sen. Lindsey Graham is on the campaign trail this morning… in Palm Beach County, Florida, to raise money for his reelection campaign in South Carolina. Graham is traveling through South Florida, quite literally, to meet with his real constituents … Continue reading

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Preparing The Ground

Tennessee I’m headed to Nashville with Renee on a business trip for the CofCC. We’re going to stop in Murfreesboro and Shelbyville and elsewhere in the Nashville suburbs to distribute a ton of these. Note: OD donors have made this … Continue reading

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Obama: Attack Syria For Israel

District of Corruption Obama has been laying out his case for attacking Syria: Bashar al-Assad is like Hitler, and attacking Syria is “good for the Jews”: “The Obama administration is using a time-tested pitch to get Congress to back military … Continue reading

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