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Rotherham Scandal Expands

I wouldn’t be surprised if Rotherham was one of the catalyzing events that “radicalized” Dylann Roof. Remember, he said that he was furious because they were raping our women. That’s what set him off. Note: Among other things, the CofCC … Continue reading

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In Syria, ISIS Begins Destruction of Palmyra

ISIS is blowing up ancient landmarks in Syria. Isn’t this interesting? The US federal government believes that Southerners should serve in its military and fight these fanatics to spread Americanism in Iraq and Syria. Meanwhile, our own domestic version of … Continue reading

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Botched Charlie Hebdo Attack In Texas

Anyone surprised? “Two armed suspects believed to be carrying explosives have been shot dead after opening fire outside an anti-Muslim art exhibition in Dallas. The pair were gunned down after shooting a security guard in the leg outside the Curtis … Continue reading

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The Cost of the Union: Small Town Mosques

Thanks to the United States’ immigration policy of open borders to the Third World small Southern towns, once all but religiously homogeneous (and ethnically divided between Whites and Blacks), now are home to mosques and other alien religious centers. The … Continue reading

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40,000 Join PEGIDA March Against Immigration In Germany

I know that I am wasting my breath here (prepare to be sidetracked into all the points on which we differ from PEGIDA), but if we had 40,000 angry people marching through the streets in this country, we would be … Continue reading

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The Battle of Algiers: The French Get Down and Dirty With Muslim Terrorists

While we are on the subject of Muslim terrorists, The Battle of the Casbah is the memoir of the French General Paul Aussaresses. Yes, he proudly used torture against FLN terrorists in French Algeria in the 1950s and he would do … Continue reading

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In Nigeria, Boko Haram Slaughters Thousands

While the attention of the world is focused on the slaughter at Charlie Hebdo in Paris, I think it is worth bringing up here the latest accomplishment of the Islamic terrorist group in Nigeria, Boko Haram, which made world news … Continue reading

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Paris Terrorist Attack

Do you remember the time that angry Muslim slashed the throat of Dutch filmmaker Theo van Gogh in the Netherlands in 2004? Here’s the latest example from France of what happens when Third World immigration, multiculturalism, and creeping Islamization collide with … Continue reading

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Tolerating Islamic Intolerance at the Washington National Cathedral

The PC loons now running the Washington National Cathedral have decided to go the “full monty” – embracing diversity, tolerance, multiculturalism – and now Islamic religious services in the Washington National Cathedral! Not content with sponsoring feminist priests like the … Continue reading

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Muslim Beheads Woman In Oklahoma

I understand that ISIS has been calling on its followers to strike at soft targets inside Western countries: Note: The ISIS terrorists that conservatives are so worried about on Facebook turn out to be the Black Undertow! Imagine that!

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