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A Word From DLJ

January 22, 2012 Hunter Wallace 21

Pennsylvania H/T Kievsky. This was over four years ago … DLJ showed up at a Ron Paul event in Philadelphia. Comedy gold.

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September 25, 2011 Hunter Wallace 25

Alabama After discussing all these serious issues, it is time for a “pivot” back to the downfall of black people … who have lately succumbed […]

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Labor Day Roundup

September 5, 2011 Hunter Wallace 16

United States As always, I spend 95 percent of my time following our “national conservation” in the mainstream. I use my telescope (the internet and […]

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Moronic Policies

August 20, 2011 Hunter Wallace 5

District of Corruption If you want to know why America is hurtling toward the Second Great Depression, look no further than the Beltway eunuch Richard […]

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Q Who?

August 15, 2011 Hunter Wallace 5

The Future Q is the funniest character in the Star Trek universe. He has no patience for political correctness or proper procedure from pious progressives. The […]

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Enemies Within

August 12, 2011 Hunter Wallace 5

Alabama Bob Shrum has called us “enemies within.” Joe Biden has called us “terrorists” for taking away his credit card. The establishment has screamed “extremism” […]

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Tim’s Rewrite

August 6, 2011 Hunter Wallace 0

Tim’s Terror Tim Wise is a clear example of a cultural termite, a communist sympathizer, who is trying to rot our public discourse because he […]

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Time for a Comedy Break

November 12, 2010 Jaye Ryan 1

After our great election victories, we should all try to take a break and get away from talking about politics, stressing about politics. Here’s a […]