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Comedy Break: Confederate Battle Flag vs. Republican Battle Flag

H/T VDARE I can’t stop laughing … this is so true:

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Lib Lesbian Cultural Marxists vs Islamic Head Choppers…..

Here’s another GREAT political cartoon from our talented kinsmen who lives in a country with rather rough racial demographics… but, I bet there are less Lib Lesbian cultural marxists in any country than our dis United States of America. The … Continue reading

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“Cooter” and Alabama SCV Cut Deal With Union Springs

Gary Carlyle, the Alabama Division Commander of the Sons of Confederate Veterans, finally waded into the Confederate flag controversy that has been brewing in Union Springs with this bit of slapstick comedy the other night: “It was the Southern Soldier … Continue reading

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Pioneer Little Europe and The Perils of Cyberracialism

A few days ago, the SPLC released the latest issue of its “Intelligence Report,” which contained a headline article by Mark Potok called “Hate and Antigovernment ‘Patriot’ Groups Down As Activism Shifts To Cyberspace.” The gist of the article is … Continue reading

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Michael Brown Would Be Alive Today … If Only

OD writers and commentators often get accused of being mean, insensitive RACISTS by the likes of the SPLC, ADL, Rachel Maddow and MSNBC or various self described “civil rights activists” like One People’s Project. Some of our critics even say … Continue reading

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SPLC Writer and White Privilege Educator Fatally Shot In Oakland

Here’s a sketch of the perp: Note: Don’t miss Colin Flaherty’s article and Heidi Beirich’s reaction.

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NAACP’s Journey for Justice Enters Rosebud, Missouri

Next time I am in Missouri, I will have to go distribute Citizen’s Informers and Free Magnolias there: “GASCONADE COUNTY, Missouri — About 50 activists marching from Ferguson to Jefferson City encountered a hostile counter-protest Wednesday in Rosebud. About 200 … Continue reading

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White Liberal Beaten and Chased Through #Ferguson

H/T Conservative Treehouse As Negro-geddon approaches in St. Louis, the Black Undertow beats down an UMSL student on their side in #Ferguson: “He finally escaped the horde, and while being chased screaming down the road, he made it to a … Continue reading

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Beefs Six: New Right vs. Old Right

I saw this getting swapped around on John Morgan’s Facebook page.

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Ain’t That America: 2014 Midterm Elections

Q: In Maryland, what’s worse than being accused of being a racist, a Young Earth Creationist, and an anti-American secessionist with “links” to an “extremist group” that associates with NAZIS? A: Being labeled a Democrat. Note: In other news, WN … Continue reading

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