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Sixth Circuit UPHOLDS Gay Marriage Bans

… in Michigan, Ohio, Kentucky and Tennessee. So, it looks like the Supreme Court is going to have to decide this whole “gay marriage” mess after all. Note: Kyle Bristow and Trad Youth filed an amicus curie brief in the … Continue reading

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Matthew Shepard: Crystal Meth Addict, HIV Positive Gay Prostitute

I don’t recall hearing about any of this at the time: “The horrific killing of Matthew Shepard in 1998 is widely seen as one of the worst anti-gay hate crimes in American history. Matthew was beaten by two assailants, Aaron … Continue reading

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US Supreme Court Denies Gay Marriage Appeals

After striking down the Defense of Marriage Act in the Windsor decision, the 5-4 “conservative” majority on the US Supreme Court has decided not to wade into the issue of federal judges striking down state bans on gay marriage: “WASHINGTON … Continue reading

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Re: Spelunker

Editor’s Note: This is a response to Spelunker’s latest comment at Civil War Crossroads. “As proof of how delusional Brad is, he refers to the South as a “Country”. LULZ! When I said “other countries,” I was referring to any … Continue reading

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Little Rock Southern Marriage and Family Defense Rally

In May, Pulaski County Circuit Judge Chris Piazza struck down the Arkansas constitutional ban on gay marriage. The Arkansas Supreme Court swiftly stepped in and suspended Piazza’s ruling. The matter is still tied up in the courts and the Arkansas … Continue reading

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Little Rock and Apopka

#wecantwait For over a decade, I was involved in the White Nationalist movement. Do you know what I remember most about those years? I remember waiting … patiently waiting for the day when “it” would happen, when America’s racial and … Continue reading

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Federal Judge Strikes Down Florida Gay Marriage Ban

It was statewide this time … there have been so many county level decisions that the Florida case has been difficult to follow: “In the first decision on same-sex marriage with statewide impact, a federal judge ruled Thursday that Florida’s … Continue reading

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Ain’t That America: Cold War 2

According to Time magazine, Murika has entered Cold War 2. Are you willing to die to defend Murika and the “Free World” from Russian hetero-fascism? Note: Some recent Time magazine covers include Martin Luther King, Jr: Architect of the 21st … Continue reading

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The Cost of the Union: Federal Judge Strikes Down Colorado Gay Marriage Ban

I’ve already explained at length why the average citizen no longer has any “voice” under the American system of government. The system that exists is anti-White, anti-Southern, anti-Christian, and anti-conservative. There is a logic to the way it unfolds that … Continue reading

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Ain’t That America: Secrets of the Living Dolls

After President Barack Obama issues his new gender identity anti-discrimination executive order, these “living dolls” will be delivering your mail and teaching your children the “Common Core” program in America’s public schools: Note: According to a new Pew Survey, 76 percent … Continue reading

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