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Why I Support The Confederate Battle Flag

The SJWs who are reading this blog are already certain that they have the answer: “It is because you’re a raaaacist!!! It’s because you “haet” black people!!! It’s because you support slavery!!!” I can’t help what simpleminded people think, but … Continue reading

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City of Memphis Prepares To Dig Up Nathan Bedford Forrest From His Grave

If the City of Memphis moves forward with this and does something this offensive, I can guarantee you that all hell is going to break loose: Note: There is already a Memphis rally scheduled for July 12th which will take … Continue reading

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As Black Politicians Attack Confederate Monuments, Criminals Affiliated With #BlackLivesMatter Movement Continue Vandalism Spree

In Birmingham, AL, the assault on this 110 year old historic monument has begun by the black majority government: Also in Linn Park, there is another monument to Martin Luther King, Jr., but no one has vandalized it or demanded its … Continue reading

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Call To Action: Let’s Take Our Stand For Dixie

I will keep this short and simple: 1.) These spontaneous Confederate Battle Flag rallies are a symptom of the outrage that is brimming underneath the surface of the South. 2.) We need to harness this outrage into action and focus … Continue reading

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Memphis: Negro Mayor Vows To Desecrate The Grave Of Nathan Bedford Forrest

It has been said time after time that the assault on Confederate memorials and flags would soon spread to the graves of those heroes who fought to defend the South, including the ancestors of many of today’s readers. This sick … Continue reading

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John Brown: The Abolitionist Fanatic Who Actually Started a “Civil War”

H/T VDARE The Derb makes an excellent point about Charleston shooter Dylann Roof who wanted to incite a “civil war”: in 1859, the abolitionist fanatic and terrorist John Brown succeeded in creating so much polarization and ill will between the … Continue reading

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Review: New Encyclopedia of Southern Culture: Religion

In the course of writing my speech on what makes Southerners a separate and distinct people, I realized that there are some aspects of the South that I wanted to explore in greater detail. I’m much more familiar with some … Continue reading

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Rainbowism and Dispensationalism

Food for thought: Rainbowism and Dispensationalism are two peas in a pod. Just as Rainbowism is completely alien to the historical Confederacy and the Jim Crow-era SCV and UDC, Dispensationalism is similarly alien to Southern evangelical Christianity. In essence, Dispensationalism … Continue reading

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Cyrus Scofield and Dispensationalism

Here’s an excerpt from The New Encyclopedia of Southern Culture: Religion which explains how Dispensationalism was created in the North and was exported to the South during the early 20th century: “The Fundamentalist movement, as distinct from fundamentalism as a … Continue reading

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Blood and Soil: How Southerners Became a Separate and Distinct People

Introduction Why is there a “South”? What is this place we call the South? What makes it different from other parts of the United States? Many years ago, the Alabama writer Clarence Cason wrote that the South was “self-conscious enough … Continue reading

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