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“About A Thousand People” Rally Against Illegal Immigration … In Boston, Massachusetts

If you had told me a UFO had landed on the grounds of the Massachusetts state capitol, I would be no less surprised: “BOSTON (CBS)- About a thousand people crowded the front steps of the State House Saturday, rallying against … Continue reading

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Border Interview

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“Make Them Listen” Coalition Nationwide Immigration Protests (July 18 and July 19)

“Make Them Listen,” a coalition of mainstream conservative anti-immigration groups, is sponsoring protests of the “border surge” in over 319 American cities. It is already clear that hundreds of ordinary people attended the anti-immigration demonstrations on Friday. The vast majority of … Continue reading

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Pat Buchanan on Judicial Monarchy

I agree with the point Pat Buchanan is making here, but I dislike Pat’s characterization of the problem as a “judicial monarchy.” To my knowledge, no monarch in human history, even the Neros and Caligulas (or even fictional caricatures like … Continue reading

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Yankee Pride

This Yankee in California is fed up with illegal immigration: Note: A new Gallup poll shows that the number of Americans who say that illegal immigration is the most important issue in the country is spiking to a near all … Continue reading

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Oracle Protesters Turn Back Illegal Alien Buses

I’m noticing a trend here … the Bundy Ranch, Murrieta, CA and now Oracle, AZ. Instead of putting their faith in their “elected representatives,” White people in the Southwest are starting to stand up to the federal government themselves. They … Continue reading

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Billionaires Lament Failure of Comprehensive Immigration Reform

Warren Buffett, Bill Gates, and Sheldon Adelson have published a joint editorial in the New York Times lamenting the failure of the House to pass Marco Rubio’s comprehensive amnesty bill which is dead until the next session of Congress. “AMERICAN … Continue reading

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Ain’t That America: Obama Shoes

In this farce of a country, illegal aliens are showing up on the Mexican border wearing Obama shoes as they trample America’s laws: Note: Is this the greatest country in the world or is it the flophouse of the Third World … Continue reading

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The Invasion

Behold the spectacle: – In California, the US federal government is bringing in federal agents with riot gear to protect the illegal aliens that are being bused into Murrieta, CA from the protesters waving American flags who are trying to … Continue reading

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Murrieta Protesters Block Border Patrol Station Buses

If these people had been content to have their fate decided by the Democrat-controlled California state government, the Obama administration, or even worse, a US federal court, there is doubt they would have been stuck with these illegal aliens: Update: … Continue reading

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