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Succeed Florida Billboard

Florida Now it is time for a break from our ongoing coverage of morbid vantards and the psychopaths who inspire them: Note: In the debate, Linder insisted that “corporations” were not behind Third World immigration. The Florida Chamberpot of Commerce … Continue reading

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Rand Paul: GOP Needs To “Get Beyond” Deportations

District of Corruption White Southerners need to “get beyond” the idea that they are going to elect “Tea Party reformers” like Rand Paul, Marco Rubio, and Ted Cruz who are going to “take on the GOP establishment” and “Take Back … Continue reading

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SPLC Article on Tallahassee

Florida Here’s a link to the SPLC hit piece on the League of the South rally in Tallahassee. It’s another case of muckracking by playing the associations game: 1.) First, Michael Weaver, Gina Brashear, and Nicholas Jordan were not in Tallahassee. … Continue reading

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Tallahassee Articles

Florida I think this was the black man who interviewed Dr. Hill: Note: Amren has also posted a link to the SNN article. “The Southern Poverty Law Center classifies the League of the South as a hate group, but Hill … Continue reading

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Tallahassee Demonstrations

Florida On Saturday, the League of the South held its fourth rally against Southern Demographic Displacement in Tallahassee, FL. The event lasted three hours and took place on the grounds the Florida State Capitol. The rally targeted Sen. Marco Rubio for … Continue reading

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HBO Interview

Alabama Renee and I were interviewed in Montgomery this afternoon for an HBO documentary about Alabama’s immigration law, HB 56. I spent an hour talking with the host about how federal judges and left-leaning special interest groups had gutted the … Continue reading

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SECEDE Billboard Reactions

Florida Let the conversation begin … we need to put up more of these billboards starting in Montgomery and Atlanta. Note: See also Orlando Weekly, FSU News, The Guardian, Broward Beat, Amren, Lew Rockwell, and Imagine2050. “I am begging. Please, oh please. … Continue reading

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GOP Arguments Against Amnesty

District of Corruption Here’s the current state of the GOP: the most effective argument on Capitol Hill against amnesty right now is that Republicans should wait until after the fall election when they have retaken the Senate by suckering conservatives into … Continue reading

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A Glance At Banal Republican Politics

RNC I don’t consider the subject to be worthy of attention, but here is the latest for those who are still fighting for “the soul” of the GOP: RNC Launches Black History Month Ad Campaign “WASHINGTON – In recognition of Black … Continue reading

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Having a great day on immigration

I’m really having a great day on immigration. I talked with at least 20 congressional staff members opposing amnesty, “pathway to citizenship,” expedited legal immigration for unskilled immigrants, and everyone was sympathetic and supportive. All the evidence indicates that GOP … Continue reading

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