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Defending Jared Taylor

My podcast where I defend Jared Taylor against a Youtube attack by the bloated Manosphere blogger Jordan Owen. Very strong language once again. The original video I’m refuting.

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Europeans Have Grown Whiter In Past 5,000 Years

Europe I was under the impression this was impossible. The anti-racists have told us that we are exactly the same as other races. We are “equal” to them in every measurable way. Evolution stopped in the human species at an … Continue reading

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Smart Women and The Intelligence Paradox

United Kingdom In “The Childfree Life,” we saw that Time magazine had dedicated its entire August issue to glorifying voluntary childlessness. In the UK, BBC magazine ran a parallel story called “Your post-pregnancy tales: Stretch marks, scars and ‘breasts like … Continue reading

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Review: The Anatomy of Violence

Pennsylvania Adrian Raine’s The Anatomy of Violence: The Biological Roots of Crime amasses the latest evidence from neuroscience and uses it to inflict a devastating blow on 20th century criminology based on the Standard Social Science Model. Dark Enlightenment types … Continue reading

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Scientific American Endorses Book Burning

Scientific American H/T CofCC In Black Run America, every aspect of our society (including scientific inquiry) is subordinated to the promotion of black people over all other races: Note: Truth? Freedom? Who cares about the truth or freedom? Facts which … Continue reading

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Charles Murray and Intellectual Cowardice

District of Corruption Charles Murray has penned a defense of Jason Richwine over at National Review: 1.) National Review fired John Derbyshire and Robert Weissberg for race heresy. How can anyone take these people seriously? We all know that Rich … Continue reading

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Richwine Breaks His Silence

District of Corruption He gave an interview to Byron York. To his credit, Richwine refuses to apologize. Conservatism Inc. comes across as a bunch of housebroken sissies who cower in fear of Rachel Maddow. Note: It is a waste of … Continue reading

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Richwine, Continued

District of Corruption Check out these three news items: 1.) Jared Taylor mocks the gutless conservatives at Heritage who canned Jason Richwine because of the likes of screeching Jewish neocons like Jennifer Rubin. 2.) Pat Buchanan observes that the GOP … Continue reading

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Racism + Reddit Shitstorm

Reddit H/T CofCC See the shitstorm here. See the HBD hate truth comment that sparked fury.

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Lewontin’s Fallacy

Science H/T Derb Debunked … just like Stephen Jay Gould’s lies last summer.

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