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40,000 Join PEGIDA March Against Immigration In Germany

I know that I am wasting my breath here (prepare to be sidetracked into all the points on which we differ from PEGIDA), but if we had 40,000 angry people marching through the streets in this country, we would be … Continue reading

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Over the past month, I have been quietly watching the growing protest movement against the Islamization of Germany that has emerged in Dresden. More than 17,000 Germans recently turned out at a PEGIDA demonstration – Patriotic Europeans Against The Islamization … Continue reading

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Femen Ruin Christmas

Germany While this Femen protest happened in Germany, I think it captures the essence of America’s ‘natural rights’ ideology when taken to its logical conclusion. This is the kind of woman that Western liberalism inevitably produces: Note: See also the recent US federal … Continue reading

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German Police Unleash Water Cannon on Communists

Alabama Exactly 50 years ago, Bull Connor unleashed attack dogs and fire hoses on “civil rights” protesters in Birmingham:

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Canadian Psycho Arrested In Berlin

Germany Guess he wasn’t invincible: Note: Anyone who has read Bret Easton Ellis’s American Psycho and seen the movie remembers the scenes that inspired “1 lunatic, 1 icepick.” [youtube=] [youtube=]

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