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White Families In Savannah Provoke Black Mob Violence?

Georgia This is incredible … Note: It has been a while since we have addressed BRA and black crime. As you can see, nothing has changed.

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Michael Weaver Petition

Georgia Here’s a link to Michael Weaver’s petition which asks Gov. Nathan Deal to lift his banishment from Columbus, GA. Note: I’ve written before here about Michael’s case. It was discussed in this recent podcast in much greater detail.

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Georgia House Approves MLK Statue

Georgia The final vote was 173-3. Note: As of the 2012 election, Republicans control the Georgia House, 119-60. They’ve used their control of the governorship and state legislature to tear down the Tom Watson statue and erect an MLK statue in … Continue reading

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Rep. Tyrone Brooks Indicted on Mail, Wire, and Tax Fraud Charges

Georgia Here’s a new wrinkle in the removal of the Tom Watson statue: Note: Brooks was indicted in May, but we were unaware of this when he was railing against “white supremacist” monuments at the Georgia State Capitol. “ATLANTA—A federal … Continue reading

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Tom Watson’s Racist Views, 100 Years Later

Georgia Warren Throckmorton, a longtime antagonist of the League of the South, is upset this morning by Tom Watson’s “racist views”: “In life — especially later life, Tom E. Watson was a racist politician who found support among white Georgians. In death, he … Continue reading

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Good Riddance, Paul Bridges

Georgia Remember Paul Bridges? The Onion King? The mayor of Uvalda who sued Georgia with the SPLC and ACLU to block Georgia’s immigration law? He’s gone now.

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The Economist on Tom Watson Statue Removal

Georgia The Economist has has a new article on the League of the South and the removal of the Tom Watson statue. Note: In hindsight, I wish we would have protested the renaming of the Confederate parks in Memphis and … Continue reading

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The Michael Weaver Case

Georgia Several years ago, I remember getting an email about what happened to a White Nationalist activist named Michael Weaver just up the road from where I grew up in Columbus, GA. Michael Weaver was a member of the National … Continue reading

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Stand With Tom Watson Rally

Georgia As expected, the CofCC and League of the South’s “Stand With Tom Watson Rally” was held at the Georgia State Capitol in Atlanta without any problems. 13 activists turned out to participate in the event. There was no leftwing opposition … Continue reading

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Creative Loafing on Tom Watson Rally

Georgia Creative Loafing in Atlanta has written an article about the Tom Watson rally: “State officials’ plans to remove a statue outside the Georgia Capitol that has long paid tribute to Georgia politician, author, and self-described white supremacist Thomas Watson … Continue reading

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