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Wealthy Jewish Oligarchs Are Buying US Foreign Policy

Oh yeah … in other news, wealthy Jews are buying our foreign policy again: “WASHINGTON — As the proposed agreement over Iran’s nuclear program is debated in coming weeks, President Obama will make his case to a Congress controlled by … Continue reading

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George Soros and Bernard-Henri Lévy: Save The New Ukraine

After spending $33 million dollars to stir up the “Ferguson” movement in the United States, George Soros is teaming up with Bernard-Henri Lévy to demand that the West spend $15 billion dollars to “save the new Ukraine” from Putin’s aggression: … Continue reading

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Obama Plans Huge New War In Iraq and Syria

I will be watching Obama’s big primetime speech tonight in which he will announce his intention to unilaterally, on our behalf of course, start a vastly expensive, interminable new foreign war against ISIS in Iraq and Syria. Note: Meanwhile, check … Continue reading

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Ain’t That America: Cold War 2

According to Time magazine, Murika has entered Cold War 2. Are you willing to die to defend Murika and the “Free World” from Russian hetero-fascism? Note: Some recent Time magazine covers include Martin Luther King, Jr: Architect of the 21st … Continue reading

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Black History Month 2014: The White Man’s Burden

Third World I stumbled across this book in the course of trying to find out the total amount of money that the West has spent on foreign aid to Haiti. Since the 1950s, it turns out that the West has … Continue reading

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Black History Month 2014: The History of US Foreign Aid to Haiti

Haiti The Daily Beast has a new article by a 31-year-old journalist who has figured out what is wrong with Haiti. In “The Aid Industry Failed Haiti After Its 2010 Quake,” Elise Jordan notes that the “billions of dollars” spent … Continue reading

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Haiti and Liberia: A Century Ago

Haiti and Liberia Here is what the State Department knew about Haiti and Liberia a century ago: “The experience of Liberia and Haiti show that the African race are devoid of any capacity for political organization and lack genius for … Continue reading

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Newt Gingrich: I Will Help Israel Attack Iran

Iran Newt Gingrich openly tells CNN that he wants to go to war with Iran for the benefit of Israel. This is not a fringe conspiracy theory. It is the foreign policy position of the winner of the South Carolina … Continue reading

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Osama Bin Laden Is Dead

District of Corruption Osama bin Laden is dead. Barack Obama has slain the boogeyman. A moving orgy of patriotism is breaking out across the Obamanation. This moment is certain to go down in history as the highwater mark of the Obama … Continue reading

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