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The Medieval Wife: Part One

Here are my notes on marriage in the Middle Ages from Marilyn Yalom’s book  A History of the Wife: In the Middle Ages, the Catholic Church gradually took over the jurisdiction of marriage from the family, kin group, and the … Continue reading

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Women In Early Modern Europe, 1500-1800

Editor’s Note: Consider this a companion guide to the latest podcast over at the Stormer. I’ve chosen the Early Modern Era to illustrate what life was still like for men and women closer to our own historical epoch. In Early … Continue reading

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George Soros and Bernard-Henri Lévy: Save The New Ukraine

After spending $33 million dollars to stir up the “Ferguson” movement in the United States, George Soros is teaming up with Bernard-Henri Lévy to demand that the West spend $15 billion dollars to “save the new Ukraine” from Putin’s aggression: … Continue reading

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Jewish Leaders Call For Europe-Wide Legislation Outlawing Anti-Semitism

Since we are already at the stage where homosexual marriage has been declared a “fundamental right,” why shouldn’t European Jews demand the “right” to be exempt from all criticism? “European Jewish leaders, backed by a host of former EU heads … Continue reading

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Over the past month, I have been quietly watching the growing protest movement against the Islamization of Germany that has emerged in Dresden. More than 17,000 Germans recently turned out at a PEGIDA demonstration – Patriotic Europeans Against The Islamization … Continue reading

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Catalonia Marches For Independence

“To submit to the encroachments of this vulgar crew of plunderers and fanatics, is a degradation no other free people than the people of the South ever endured; but to submit to their rule will be the desperation of a … Continue reading

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European Election Results

Europe Open thread. Note: I’m working on something now, but feel free to share the latest updates here.

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Far-Right Fever for a Europe Tied to Russia

Europe The League of the South invited Vladimir Putin to their 2014 national conference: “But the event, part of an energetic push for votes by France’s surging far right ahead of elections this week for the European Parliament, also promoted … Continue reading

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Putin Signs Anti-Gay Measures Into Law

Russia Vladimir Putin’s approach to gay marriage is more interesting than Greg Johnson’s approach at Counter-Currents: “President Vladimir Putin has signed into law a measure that stigmatizes gay people and bans giving children any information about homosexuality. The State Duma … Continue reading

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Rivers of Blood: Now France

France Nothing to see here. Just your everyday hooliganism. “A uniformed French soldier on anti-terrorist duties in Paris had his throat cut by a knife-wielding man tonight. The savage attack follows the murder of a British soldier by two men … Continue reading

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