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Cincinnati: Black Teacher Fired For Verbally and Physically Abusing Disabled White Children

An extremely troubling incident from last year has just emerged into the light, exemplifying the Alice In Wonderland parody of a society we currently reside within, and proving once again that the most vulnerable of our race face ever-growing hardships. According to … Continue reading

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South Carolina: Hispanic Invaders Sue To Demand In-State College Tuition

Yet another symptom of the chronic wasting disease plaguing the American colossus has manifested itself in the state of South Carolina, with the children of professed illegal squatters suing to demand the right to in-state tuition in area schools. Filed … Continue reading

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West Virginia: University Features Marxist “White, Male, Christian Privilege” Display

The cancer that is modern-day Leftist ideology continues to rear its head in the most unlikely of places, with even the most traditional rural areas now in the spotlight for allowing behavior worthy of institutionalization and/or mandatory hard labor. In … Continue reading

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Ain’t That America: Check Your Privilege

Massachusetts Last week, the news broke that Harvard University was supposed to be hosting a “Satanic Black Mass” (it was later called off at the last minute), and this week the news is that Harvard freshmen in the Kennedy School of … Continue reading

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For All Mankind: European Man’s Greatest Achievement

Late Friday night I had the distinct pleasure of catching on TCM the greatest documentary I’ve ever seen. Titled For All Mankind, the film documents the Apollo space missions of the 1960′s and 70′s. Unlike traditional documentaries there are no … Continue reading

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Obama’s America: Gulfport Bus Beating

Florida The latest bus beating of a 13-year-old White male student in Gulfport, Florida by a pack of African-American drug dealers has stirred an unusual amount of outrage among “mainstream” conservatives. FOX News, The Daily Caller, The Washington Times,, The … Continue reading

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Detroit City Schools vs. Mountain Brook City Schools

Alabama Here’s a funny comparison that came up today in a discussion about “underfunded schools” and the Alabama Accountability Act: Detroit Public Schools spends $11,896 per year per student. Mountain Brook City School District spends $11,333 per year per student.

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Alabama Moves To Restore (Limited) Segregation

Alabama As someone who grew up in this area, I can say that the Alabama Accountability Act will have a far greater impact on the lives of White people in the Black Belt than Alabama’s now famous immigration law. It will … Continue reading

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Swissvale Riots

Pennsylvania Let Freedom Ring … in Pennsylvania.

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Tales From Detroit: ACLU Sues Michigan Over “Right To Read”

Michigan H/T Outlier I spent a good ten minutes laughing over this one … it’s the civil rights struggle of the 21st century, the right to read! Only in the D! Note: There are probably enough of these black voters … Continue reading

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