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Defective Diversity: Puerto Ricans Collect Disability Checks For Inability To Speak English

At this point in America’s long descent into the graveyard of civilizations, one often has little to no time to observe the numerous incidents of government waste and/or social benefits fraud, as far more serious issues continue to rise to … Continue reading

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Stand For Coal: Middlesboro and Harlan Demonstrations

Editor’s Note: The coal industry is shifting its operations from Appalachia to the Interior West, but this is driven in part by EPA regulations. H/T SNN “On Saturday October 25, 2014, the Kentucky League of the South had its 2nd demonstration … Continue reading

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Obama’s War on Coal Comes To Alabama

It’s not enough to open the borders and give millions of illegal aliens work permits to compete for Southern jobs in a depressed economy … Obama also has to kill the coal industry in Alabama with his executive orders: “BIRMINGHAM, … Continue reading

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Stand for Coal Demonstration in Prestonburg and Pikeville, KY

While thousands of Americans in hundreds of cities protested the border surge which is a direct result of President Barack Obama’s executive order that bypassed Congress to implement the DREAM Act in 2012, the Kentucky League of the South was … Continue reading

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Wetumpka Southern Workers Demonstration

VDARE asks: “That’s a lot of people speaking for immigration and against American workers. Who speaks against immigration and for American workers?” Answer: The League of the South After the 2014 League of the South national conference wrapped up on Saturday, the League held … Continue reading

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The Cost of the Union: Obama Declares War on Coal Country

District of Corruption In the video below, President Barack Obama announces his plan to destroy the coal industry and thousands of Southern jobs in Appalachia with a suite of unpopular new EPA regulations designed to fight “climate change.” West Virginia Rep. … Continue reading

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Is The U.S. Stock Market Rigged?

New York This looks interesting:

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Spike Lee’s Anti-Gentrification Rant

New York Spike Lee is furious that his old neighborhood is going uphill …

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The End of Bitcoin?

Japan Now would be a good time for the Bitcoin enthusiasts in the Alt Right to step forward and explain some recent headlines. Note: That’s you, Matt Parrott.

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Caribbean Project: Who Is Mats Lundahl?

Haiti There comes a point in every critical investigation when you either admit failure or strike pay dirt. In the course of OD’s Caribbean Project, we have drilled through the leftist apologies, the pop histories, eye witness accounts, regional histories, … Continue reading

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