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Tallahassee Demonstrations

Florida On Saturday, the League of the South held its fourth rally against Southern Demographic Displacement in Tallahassee, FL. The event lasted three hours and took place on the grounds the Florida State Capitol. The rally targeted Sen. Marco Rubio for … Continue reading

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A Glance At Banal Republican Politics

RNC I don’t consider the subject to be worthy of attention, but here is the latest for those who are still fighting for “the soul” of the GOP: RNC Launches Black History Month Ad Campaign “WASHINGTON – In recognition of Black … Continue reading

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Caribbean Project: Victor Schoelcher on Haiti

Haiti Victor Schoelcher, the most famous French abolitionist of the 19th century, whose life work culminated in the final abolition of slavery in the French West Indies by the Second Republic in 1848, visited Haiti in 1841. Schoelcher later published … Continue reading

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Tens of Thousands of African Asylum Seekers Protest In Israel

Israel Having watched several of these videos, I still can’t bring myself to sympathize with any of these African ‘asylum seekers’ who are carrying on about ‘freedom’ and their ‘human right’ to overrun Israel: Note: Israel recently completed a $337 … Continue reading

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70 Year Old Grandfather Beaten In Florida

Florida Like the periodic bus beatings, this incident is just another example of black-on-everyone crime in Florida:

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Florida’s Demographic Transformation, 1960-2010

Florida In 1960, there were only 4,951,560 people in Florida. 4,063,861 people in Florida, or 82 percent of the state’s population, were White. The remaining 887,679 people were non-White. Of the non-Whites, 880,186 were black and 7,493 were Asian or … Continue reading

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Rep. Tyrone Brooks Indicted on Mail, Wire, and Tax Fraud Charges

Georgia Here’s a new wrinkle in the removal of the Tom Watson statue: Note: Brooks was indicted in May, but we were unaware of this when he was railing against “white supremacist” monuments at the Georgia State Capitol. “ATLANTA—A federal … Continue reading

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Tom Watson’s Racist Views, 100 Years Later

Georgia Warren Throckmorton, a longtime antagonist of the League of the South, is upset this morning by Tom Watson’s “racist views”: “In life — especially later life, Tom E. Watson was a racist politician who found support among white Georgians. In death, he … Continue reading

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Abolition and Racial Equality

New England Here’s an excerpt below from Paul Goodman’s Of One Blood: Abolitionism and the Origins of Racial Equality. I’m really enjoying this book. There is a lot of good stuff in here – really, too much to post highlights … Continue reading

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Who Is Professor Steven Lance Stoll?

Florida Merry Christmas! – Google Search Results SNN has a new article on Professor Steven Lance Stoll, a Jewish homosexual from Akron, OH, who is a sociologist at Florida State College and who led the fight to rename Nathan Bedford … Continue reading

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