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Why I Support The Confederate Battle Flag

The SJWs who are reading this blog are already certain that they have the answer: “It is because you’re a raaaacist!!! It’s because you “haet” black people!!! It’s because you support slavery!!!” I can’t help what simpleminded people think, but … Continue reading

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Slippery Slope: Montana Man Plans To Fight For Polygamy Marriage Rights

As was reported on Majority Rebellion, a Montana lover trio has begun the battle for the acceptance of polygamous wedded couples, citing the demented decision of the United States Supreme Court to fully legalize the union of homosexual degenerates. According … Continue reading

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As Black Politicians Attack Confederate Monuments, Criminals Affiliated With #BlackLivesMatter Movement Continue Vandalism Spree

In Birmingham, AL, the assault on this 110 year old historic monument has begun by the black majority government: Also in Linn Park, there is another monument to Martin Luther King, Jr., but no one has vandalized it or demanded its … Continue reading

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When Big Business Rules Dixie

If you want to understand what has happened across the South over the past two weeks, then you need to take a look at this: “Big business was on the winning side in the U.S. Supreme Court’s two major cases … Continue reading

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ISIS-Style Cultural Genocide Unfolding In Dixie

Years ago, I warned that the American Left’s agenda of cultural genocide was absolutely no different than ISIS or the Taliban in its ferocity, and now we are seeing an unprecedented attack on all monuments and symbols of Southern and … Continue reading

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Former Massachusetts Governor and Presidential Candidate Mitt Romney Demands South Carolina Confederate Flag Be Scrapped

In yet another strange happening that was also reported on the Majority Rebellion site, former Massachusetts Governor Mitt Romney, champion of whichever cause grants popularity at the immediate moment, has come out swinging both fists against the South, demanding that the … Continue reading

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Southern Religion

In my speech at the Florida League of the South State Conference, I highlighted this map from The New York Times of “where Christian conservatives live by county”: I wasn’t satisfied with the amount of time that I spent on … Continue reading

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John Crowe Ransom on Progress

“The Southerner must know, and in fact he does very well know that his antique conservatism does not exert a very great influence against the American progressivist doctrine. The Southern idea today is down, and the progressive or American idea … Continue reading

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Allen Tate on Social Justice

Here’s a quote from Allen Tate, one of the Vanderbilt Fugitives and a leading Southern Agrarian, on the South’s traditional racial caste system: “I am not moved by the Negro’s demand for social justice and equality (worthy as those causes … Continue reading

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The Enduring South

I’ve seen lots of signs of it on the way to Jacksonville: Note: After seeing a dozen or so Confederate Battle Flags and ’56 Georgia state flags near Waycross, GA, I stopped to snap this pic.

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