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Defining Appalachia

Appalachia Here’s the map of Appalachia which can be found in John Alexander Williams’ book, Appalachia: A History: Note: The orange counties are the Appalachian “core,” which are commonly included in almost all definitions of Appalachia, and the yellow counties … Continue reading

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Bronies and White Nationalism

California Are “Bronies” the future of the White Nationalism? Discuss. Note: This subject also recently popped up at The American Conservative. The creator of the show has rejected the charge of racism.

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For All Mankind: European Man’s Greatest Achievement

Late Friday night I had the distinct pleasure of catching on TCM the greatest documentary I’ve ever seen. Titled For All Mankind, the film documents the Apollo space missions of the 1960′s and 70′s. Unlike traditional documentaries there are no … Continue reading

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Why We Must Reject a ‘Proposition Nation’

Alabama Here is Dr. Michael Hill’s speech at the 2013 League of the South conference:

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Montgomery Prays To Change (Black) Culture

Alabama “Now it is not an accident that one of the great marches of American history should terminate in Montgomery, Alabama. (Yes, sir) Just ten years ago, in this very city, a new philosophy was born of the Negro struggle. … Continue reading

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World Climate Zones

Dixie H/T Goblin An OD reader has noticed that Dixie has a fairly homogeneous climate under the Köppen–Geiger climate classification system:

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Yes to Independence 8.0

A New Yorker states his reasons for supporting a new independent South.

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Yes To Independence 7.0

Maryland H/T SNN A Marylander explains why he supports Southern independence: Note: The desire for Southern independence is really no more complicated than the chronic inability of some people to mind their own business and their track record of forcing … Continue reading

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Tales From Detroit: LeDuff’s Aunt’s Funeral

Michigan Here’s one of my favorite excerpts from Charlie LeDuff’s new book, Detroit: An American Autopsy: “My wife and I loaded up the baby in the SUV and drove to my aunt’s funeral in a rural corner of Oakland County, … Continue reading

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Southern Cuisine, Fitness, and Nutrition

Alabama The posts have been sparse here lately because I have been spending so much of my time researching and learning more about the interplay between exercise and nutrition. I have really cranked up the intensity of my gym sessions … Continue reading

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