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Cincinnati: Black Teacher Fired For Verbally and Physically Abusing Disabled White Children

An extremely troubling incident from last year has just emerged into the light, exemplifying the Alice In Wonderland parody of a society we currently reside within, and proving once again that the most vulnerable of our race face ever-growing hardships. According to … Continue reading

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The False Narrative: 69 Year Old White Woman Found Murdered In Mississippi

Oh wait, this is something we are not supposed to talk about, right? “VICKSBURG, Miss. (WJTV) – A man accused in the shooting death of a 69-year-old Vicksburg woman is denied bond. Vicksburg Police said 33-year-old Rafael Arnez McCloud appeared … Continue reading

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The False Narrative: Black Mob Sacks Wal-Mart In Macon, GA

H/T Daily Kenn For the sake of these “allegedly violent people” for whom we have already sacrificed trick-or-treating and easter egg hunting, we are told that the Confederate monument in Macon, GA must come down as well: Note: Henceforth, whenever … Continue reading

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Christopher Columbus Statue In Boston Vandalized By “Black Lives Matter” Movement

Here in the South, there are so many Confederate monuments being vandalized with “Black Lives Matter” slogans that I can’t even keep track of them all. Now the vandalism has spread to the Northeast. Note: Don’t forget that when a … Continue reading

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Re: Henry County Reporter

Editor’s Note: I spoke on the phone this afternoon to Rickey Stokes News. They have deleted the story and don’t wish to be involved in this. It has come to my attention that my name has been mentioned in connection … Continue reading

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Deeply Saddened by Charleston Killings

I would like to make a personal statement about the terrible killings in Charleston. I’m deeply saddened by this terrible, cowardly act of mass murder against innocent Black Americans in a Christian church in South Carolina. The suspect Dylann Roof … Continue reading

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Rod Dreher’s Bolshevik Revolution

Epic post coming up this afternoon, folks. Stay tuned. I’m about to call out these mainstream American “conservatives” on how they have destroyed the South. These people, who Rod Dreher exemplies, know very well what they have done. Now that … Continue reading

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Horrifying: OD Speaks To The Media

I spoke to the media about Charleston because I believe that these are the times when our convictions are tested. We must stand firm and explain our principles to the public and tell them why our cause is moral and … Continue reading

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Freddie Gray’s Autopsy Reveals Accidental Death

Some of you probably recall how a few months ago supporters of the #BlackLivesMatter movement rioted, looted, and burned down large sections of Baltimore over the death of Mr. Freddie Gray at the hands of racist cops: “Freddie Gray suffered … Continue reading

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#BlackLivesMatter Supporter Sounds Off On Dylann Roof, But Supports Putting “Pigs in a Blanket”

Ladies and gentlemen, I offer you this Twitter exchange as a window into the disturbing worldview of the American leftist: These are the people who believe that I am an extremist!

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