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The SPLC and Violence

Alabama After reading the SPLC’s long awaited report on violence, I am still wondering why the SPLC has chosen to remain silent on “the tsunami of violence” here in Montgomery, which has received so much attention in the state and … Continue reading

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Rep. Tyrone Brooks Indicted on Mail, Wire, and Tax Fraud Charges

Georgia Here’s a new wrinkle in the removal of the Tom Watson statue: Note: Brooks was indicted in May, but we were unaware of this when he was railing against “white supremacist” monuments at the Georgia State Capitol. “ATLANTA—A federal … Continue reading

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The Knockout Game: Why Now?

New York OD, SBPDL, CofCC, Thug Report, Amren, Stormfront and other pro-White websites have been drawing attention to the “Knockout King” game for almost two years now. In fact, OD and SBPDL shifted our focus to other issues after Colin … Continue reading

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Christopher Lane Hush Crimes & Memorial Rally??

Oklahoma I’m sure that OD readers have heard about the shocking murder of Christopher Lane … the 23-year-old White Australian baseball player who was savagely hunted down and murdered by two black teenagers “for the fun of it.” Unlike Trayvon … Continue reading

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Obama’s America: Gulfport Bus Beating

Florida The latest bus beating of a 13-year-old White male student in Gulfport, Florida by a pack of African-American drug dealers has stirred an unusual amount of outrage among “mainstream” conservatives. FOX News, The Daily Caller, The Washington Times,, The … Continue reading

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Don Lemon on Black America

CNN For a fleeting moment, Don Lemon tells the truth on CNN about the real problems facing the black community, and even breaks with the liberal axiom of race relations by suggesting that black people are responsible for their own … Continue reading

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Precious: The Meaning of “Creepy Ass Cracker”

Florida Rachel Jeantel told Piers Morgan that Trayvon Martin was creeped out by Piers Morgan because he thought George Zimmerman might be a homosexual rapist: MORGAN: But you — but you felt that there was no doubt in your mind … Continue reading

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Jackson Gas Station Shooting

Mississippi H/T CofCC Amid the Jack Hunter scandal and the George Zimmerman verdict, OD hasn’t had the occasion to comment on Chokwe Lumumba, the former vice president of the Republic of New Afrika, a Democrat who was elected mayor of … Continue reading

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Tim Wise on George Zimmerman

Tennessee The crying (literally) continues: “You remember, forever and forever, that moment when you first discover the cruelties and injustices of the world, and having been ill-prepared for them, your heart breaks open. … So to the keepers of white … Continue reading

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Live Thread: NOT GUILTY!!!

Florida Two words: Not Guilty! Update: Now comes the crying. Second Update: Jared Taylor on the Zimmerman verdict. “This was really no more than a huge “racism” hoax, just like the dozens that are shoved under the carpet every year. Except that … Continue reading

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