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Protesting CorporatePAC

I can’t improve upon a remark that Brian Pace made on Facebook: Democrats or Republicans, it is two wings of the same buzzard. Both American political parties are the puppets of the same oligarchs. Both political parties push the same … Continue reading

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CPAC Protest

Matt Heimbach and some of our friends are going to be having some fun with the corporate whores at CPAC again in Maryland this weekend: “The Conservative Political Action Conference is coming to Maryland at the end of February. At … Continue reading

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US Conservatives Are Living In The Past

SNN has a new video about how US conservatives are living in the past:

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Roberts Court Delivers For Wealthy Donors, Again

District of Corruption There are times like this when I wonder if mainstream conservatives are capable of learning anything from experience. Every four years, mainstream conservatives are told that they have to vote for Republican candidates in order to change the … Continue reading

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Roger Scruton: How to Be a Non-Liberal, Anti-Socialist Conservative

Great Britain As I have researched the decline and fall of Haiti, I have grown more interested in the origin and spread of the ideas that led to this disaster, and the pathology of the liberal mindset that has sustained … Continue reading

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National Review: The Value of Putin

National Review Over at National Review, Victor Davis Hanson laments Vladimir Putin’s homophobia and outrageous incarceration of “Pussy Riot,” which he negatively contrasts to Miley Cyrus becoming fabulously wealthy by insulting America’s religious values: “All that said, there is a … Continue reading

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Glenn Beck: ‘I Will Stand With GLAAD’ Against Russia’s ‘Hetero-Fascism’

CNN H/T Richard Spencer Here’s the latest offering from Glenn Beck and US ‘mainstream’ conservatism:

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National Review on Nelson Mandela

New York The final word on “mainstream” conservatism: Note: The GOP recently praised Rosa Parks for her role in ‘ending racism.’ “Among world leaders, Nelson Mandela had unmatched moral authority. When George W. Bush awarded him the Presidential Medal of … Continue reading

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GOP Reacts To Nelson Mandela’s Death

District of Corruption H/T Richard Spencer In case anyone was wondering, this is why we are protesting Lindsey Graham in South Carolina on Saturday, but we are not falling into the trap of endorsing his Republican primary challenger. Update: The … Continue reading

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Playing The “Associations Game”

Texas It’s time to play the “associations game” again. In the latest case, the Family Research Council (which has been labeled a “hate group” by the SPLC) has pulled out of an upcoming event in Texas called the “Founding Faith … Continue reading

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