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Rod’s Turn

June 27, 2015 // 18 Comments

And when the SJWs came for the Christians, I said nothing So, I went over to The American Conservative to take a look at Rod Dreher’s reaction to the Supreme [...]

Rod Dreher’s Bolshevik Revolution

June 25, 2015 // 20 Comments

First, the SJWs were offended by the General Lee, and I said nothing Epic post coming up this afternoon, folks. Stay tuned. I’m about to call out these mainstream [...]

Protesting CorporatePAC

February 28, 2015 // 20 Comments

I can’t improve upon a remark that Brian Pace made on Facebook: Democrats or Republicans, it is two wings of the same buzzard. Both American political parties are the [...]

CPAC Protest

February 25, 2015 // 12 Comments

Matt Heimbach and some of our friends are going to be having some fun with the corporate whores at CPAC again in Maryland this weekend: “The Conservative Political [...]

National Review: The Value of Putin

February 11, 2014 // 18 Comments

National Review Over at National Review, Victor Davis Hanson laments Vladimir Putin’s homophobia and outrageous incarceration of “Pussy Riot,” which he [...]

National Review on Nelson Mandela

December 8, 2013 // 51 Comments

New York The final word on “mainstream” conservatism: Note: The GOP recently praised Rosa Parks for her role in ‘ending racism.’ “Among world [...]

GOP Reacts To Nelson Mandela’s Death

December 6, 2013 // 48 Comments

District of Corruption H/T Richard Spencer In case anyone was wondering, this is why we are protesting Lindsey Graham in South Carolina on Saturday, but we are not falling [...]

Playing The “Associations Game”

August 10, 2013 // 13 Comments

Founding Faith Conference speaker exposed as League of the South chaplain! Texas It’s time to play the “associations game” again. In the latest case, the [...]

Lincoln Defended

June 6, 2013 // 57 Comments

National Review Rich Lowry has written an entire book that glorifies Abraham Lincoln and has published a front page cover story in National Review about it: Rich [...]

Richwine Defends Himself

May 21, 2013 // 9 Comments

District of Corruption Richwine defends himself in National Review. My thoughts: if he graduated from Harvard and worked for mainstream conservative orgs in the Beltway, then [...]

Charles Murray and Intellectual Cowardice

May 18, 2013 // 4 Comments

District of Corruption Charles Murray has penned a defense of Jason Richwine over at National Review: 1.) National Review fired John Derbyshire and Robert Weissberg for race [...]

Richwine Breaks His Silence

May 14, 2013 // 3 Comments

District of Corruption He gave an interview to Byron York. To his credit, Richwine refuses to apologize. Conservatism Inc. comes across as a bunch of housebroken sissies who [...]

Richwine, Continued

May 11, 2013 // 61 Comments

District of Corruption Check out these three news items: 1.) Jared Taylor mocks the gutless conservatives at Heritage who canned Jason Richwine because of the likes of [...]

IRS Admits To Persecuting Tea Party

May 10, 2013 // 3 Comments

District of Corruption Oddly enough, these super patriots led by Glenn Beck once gathered in front of the Lincoln Memorial to pledge their undying devotion to the Washington [...]
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