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Why Do You Hate America?

Dixie Michael Hill has taken a shot at answering a common question: why do you hate America? Admittedly, it is an interesting question. How can someone whose ancestors have lived in North America since before the American Revolution possibly come to … Continue reading

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Anti-Tocqueville: Baron de Mandat-Grancey

France Given the popularity of “French Regrets,” I will share another excerpt about French ruminations on their failure to act at the decisive moment in the War Between the States: “Past acquaintances with the United States had given Frédéric Gaillardet … Continue reading

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The Second Civil War

New York I want to draw your attention to three outstanding articles from around the internet which shed some more light on the coming conflict between “Red America” and “Blue America”: (1) “Occupy Blue Wall Street” is a great new … Continue reading

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Hank Williams Jr.: Obama Is The Enemy, They Are The Enemy

Tennessee This is hilarious. Apparently, Hank Williams Jr. has compared Barack Hussein Obama to Adolf Hitler on Fox and Friends and John Boehner to Bibi Netanyahu, and ESPN responded by firing him from Monday Night Football – he sees Obama … Continue reading

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#15. Alabama’s Great Discovery

Alabama It sure sounds good riding around tonight on the Jefferson Davis Highway listening to the songs on the radio. Someone has been looking out for their brothers and sisters. This verifies that everyone who is listening to the radio … Continue reading

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Vatican Intrigue

Rome In line with our theory that the Universal Church of Political Correctness is poised to be swept out of power in the West by its own version of the Reformation, the Vatican has caught the scent of the death … Continue reading

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Boss Hogg’s Mississippi

Mississippi Mississippi was the first state that I looked at in my state by state analysis of the immigration wars. That was before the midterm elections. I want to take a closer look at this state before the fireworks start … Continue reading

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2010 Political Open Thread

In the comment section of Effective Metapolitics, Lew asked about Open Threads. It was not addressed to me, but as I prepare an article, I will accept his suggestion. My two general questions are: 1) Whom do you currently support … Continue reading

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The White Party

West Virginia In Slate, David Weigel calls attention to the failure of mainstream conservative scribes like Ross Douthat and David Frum to predict the stunning revival of the Republican Party. Douthat’s book “Grand New Party” advocated taking the “big government … Continue reading

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White Preservationists are natural conservationists

White Preservationists are natural conservationists. We are not genocidal maniacs fixated on destroying. We actually like to perserve and maintain things of value. We do not desire the extinction of the other Homo Sapien races; contrary to popular belief, we … Continue reading

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