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Bronies and White Nationalism

California Are “Bronies” the future of the White Nationalism? Discuss. Note: This subject also recently popped up at The American Conservative. The creator of the show has rejected the charge of racism.

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Amurrica Series: Rose Parade Gay Wedding

California In front of thousands of onlookers, two homosexuals exchange their wedding vows on top of the “AIDS Healthcare Foundation float” in the annual Tournament of Roses Parade in Pasadena, California: Note: Happy New Year, Amurrica!

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Matthew Heimbach at American Freedom Conference

California I was wondering what he was doing out there:

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Gay Marriage Disgusts Persian Jews

California In California, Persian Jews push back against American Jews on gay marriage: “To officiate a union that is expressly not for the same godly purpose of procreation and to call such a relationship ‘sanctified’ is unacceptable to a sound … Continue reading

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Atheism Forever

California H/T Trad Youth As Mark Thomey said this weekend, “they just ain’t like us”: Note: I’m still not sure what to make of religion, but I know this much, this guy does not share my culture. For all the … Continue reading

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Greg Johnson Makes Intelligence Report

California Trevor Lynch is called out for “Hating on Hollywood”: “Speaking of fantasy, “Trevor Lynch” is not precisely a real person himself. Rather, he is the alter-ego of a tiresome and self-important fellow named Greg Johnson who runs a vastly … Continue reading

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Stockton Bankruptcy

California Here’s the latest domino to fall in “the collapse”: Note: Detroit, Jefferson County (AL), Prichard (AL), Vallejo, San Bernardino, Harrisburg, Iceland, Greece, Cyprus … like a slow moving glacier, the can is kicked down the road so many times … Continue reading

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The New Racial-Derangement Syndrome

California The latest Victor Davis Hanson column is why Sam Francis called mainstream conservatives “Beautiful Losers”: “There is a different sort of racialist derangement spreading in the country — and it is getting ugly. Here is actor Jamie Foxx joking … Continue reading

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The Death of California

California It is one of the things you know is “out there,” a fiscal landmine waiting to explode, something that is guaranteed to polarize the country along sectional lines when the cries start coming for the inevitable federal bailout: 1. … Continue reading

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California Democrats Attain Supermajority

California Now they have the power to raise taxes even further. This should expedite the White flight and the inevitable fiscal collapse: “California Democrats hitched their wagon to President Barack Obama’s rising star this election season, a strategy that’s paid … Continue reading

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