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The New Racial-Derangement Syndrome

December 20, 2012 // 31 Comments

California The latest Victor Davis Hanson column is why Sam Francis called mainstream conservatives “Beautiful Losers”: “There is a different sort of [...]

South Carolina Gets a Negro Senator

December 17, 2012 // 47 Comments

South Carolina How embarrassing. After the election, I pretty much wrote off the GOP anyway when every Republican talking head embraced amnesty for illegal aliens. The GOP is [...]

Glenn Beck Supports Gay Marriage

December 11, 2012 // 37 Comments

The Blaze He says the “connecting dot” is BRA’s Constitution: Note: This is why it is a waste of your time to get involved with Conservatism, Inc. The only [...]

Reader Links

December 7, 2012 // 25 Comments

Dixie H/T Jackson and Pat DiLorenzo on secession: “The U.S. has become one giant plunder-seeking society whereby the “net tax consumers” now outnumber the [...]

Thom Hartmann Secession Show

December 7, 2012 // 47 Comments

Maryland Thom Hartmann already had Palmetto Patriot on this afternoon. Matthew Heimbach is coming up at 7:15 EST. Listen [...]

Ann Coulter’s Tipping Point

December 6, 2012 // 20 Comments

Florida It was Romney losing the election. Note: David Duke was saying it back in the 1980s. Pat Buchanan, Jared Taylor, and Peter Brimelow were saying it in the 1990s. Now [...]

SNN on Thom Hartmann Radio Show

December 6, 2012 // 4 Comments

South Carolina H/T SNN Comrades Palmetto Patriot and Matthew Heimbach will be appearing on the Thom Hartmann radio show tomorrow at 5 PM EST to discuss secession and Southern [...]

Jews and Vanguardists

December 6, 2012 // 191 Comments

Alabama This is why we need to splinter off and work towards the goal of creating our own Christian nation-state in Dixie. Instead of sinking ourselves in this morass, I [...]

Chris Matthews on Secession … Again

December 5, 2012 // 34 Comments

District of Corruption I have a confession to make … I am a long time fan of Hardball With Chris Matthews because no one on cable television does a better job of [...]

Vox: An American Independence Party

December 4, 2012 // 7 Comments

WND In the United States, the equivalent would be a Southern Nationalist Party or a Southern Nationalist Caucus taking control of the state legislatures of, say, Texas, [...]

PPP: 25% of Republicans Support Secession

December 4, 2012 // 16 Comments

BRA 25% of Republican voters support secession: “Some GOP voters are so unhappy with the outcome that they no longer care to be a part of the United States. 25% of [...]

The Scarlet “W”

November 29, 2012 // 10 Comments

New York Here’s another example of a mainstream conservative sputtering in The Wall Street Journal about MLK’s “Dream” in the wake of the election. [...]

Texans Talk Secession

November 28, 2012 // 12 Comments

Texas H/T SNN NPR has a new segment on the Texas Nationalist Movement. Note: The Texas secession petition has 117,000 signatures. The Obama administration’s response [...]

Two Americas, Very Divisible

November 25, 2012 // 18 Comments

New York In the New York Times, Charles Blow has a new column on the growth of regional and cultural polarization within the United States: “The gap is growing between [...]

Colorized, Polarized America

November 22, 2012 // 59 Comments

BRA Someone at National Review notices the reality of the situation: Update: There are 43 Democrats in the House from the South out of 199 Democrats nationwide. Of those, 4 [...]
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