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Live Thread: BRA’s State of the Union 2013

District of Corruption In his 2013 State of the Union Address, Obama announced that he is working on the “Trans-Pacific Partnership” free trade agreement and the Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership with the European Union: Note: It came as no … Continue reading

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Scots-Irish Project: The Roots of America’s Gun Culture

Dixie As House and Senate Democrats move forward with gun control legislation today in the 113th Congress, it is worth reflecting on why the Scots-Irish who settled much of Dixie and the West will never give up their guns: “Women got … Continue reading

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The Cost of the Union: Sectionalism and the “Fiscal Cliff”

District of Corruption As one might have expected, the Republicans kicked off 2013 by caving on the “fiscal cliff” in Washington. Here’s the House vote on the “fiscal cliff” in the South: 45 ayes, 96 nays. Mississippi – 1 of 3 … Continue reading

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Merry Christmas: It’s Not Your Country Anymore, It’s Ours

District of Corruption As we celebrate Christmas, let us reflect upon the fact that it was DWLs (Disingenuous White Liberals) like Chris Matthews and Sam Donaldson, the modern day descendants of Black Republicans like Thaddeus Stevens and Joshua Giddings, who … Continue reading

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The New Racial-Derangement Syndrome

California The latest Victor Davis Hanson column is why Sam Francis called mainstream conservatives “Beautiful Losers”: “There is a different sort of racialist derangement spreading in the country — and it is getting ugly. Here is actor Jamie Foxx joking … Continue reading

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South Carolina Gets a Negro Senator

South Carolina How embarrassing. After the election, I pretty much wrote off the GOP anyway when every Republican talking head embraced amnesty for illegal aliens. The GOP is nothing more than an affirmative action launching pad for Tim Scotts and … Continue reading

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Glenn Beck Supports Gay Marriage

The Blaze He says the “connecting dot” is BRA’s Constitution: Note: This is why it is a waste of your time to get involved with Conservatism, Inc. The only way you will ever “conserve” anything in America is by dissolving … Continue reading

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Matthews and Walsh: White, Christian Conservatives Are Backwards

District of Corruption Two more Yankees of Irish Catholic background give their take on White Christian conservatives:

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Reader Links

Dixie H/T Jackson and Pat DiLorenzo on secession: “The U.S. has become one giant plunder-seeking society whereby the “net tax consumers” now outnumber the “net taxpayers.” About half of all working adults pay no federal income tax but collect government … Continue reading

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Thom Hartmann Secession Show

Maryland Thom Hartmann already had Palmetto Patriot on this afternoon. Matthew Heimbach is coming up at 7:15 EST. Listen here. [youtube=] [youtube=]

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