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Obama’s America: Man U Betta Teac Sumin!

Illinois H/T NewsOne How much money do you suppose Washington has squandered since the 1960s trying to “teac sumin” to Obama’s people in Chicago? The average public school teacher in Chicago makes $76,000 a year. Note: If we seceded from … Continue reading

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Tales From Detroit: We Voted For You, Now Bail Us Out

Michigan I’m posting this here for the benefit of our Texas readers … this city councilwoman in the D who voted for Obama is demanding a federal bailout as a quid pro quo. Like the African-American woman in Cleveland who … Continue reading

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Matthew Heimbach’s Call to Action

Maryland I’m crossposting this here for Matthew. – HW “As a new school year dawns here at Towson University, we must address one of the final frontiers of equality at our multicultural school. For far too long, due to political … Continue reading

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Tales From Detroit: Free Nikes To Show Up At School

Michigan 90 percent black Detroit … a Tuskegee or Selma of some 706,000 people, a metropolitan eyesore that you must have to see with your own eyes to believe is tolerated in America … continues to provide, day after day, … Continue reading

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Romney-Ryan Threaten Medicaid and SNAP EBT Work Requirement

BRA This is the only positive thing I can say about the Romney-Ryan ticket. I would also recommend taking a closer look at this plan before getting excited about it in light of the underhanded way that Republicans stretched their … Continue reading

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Whites Fleeing BRA’s Public Schools

BRA That’s better. I had to fix Walter Russell Mead’s title: “Something very strange is happening around the country: students are disappearing from America’s public schools. The New York Times reports that many of the country’s largest school districts are … Continue reading

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Amurrica Series: Obama Creating African-American Education Office

District of Corruption I hear it will tentatively be titled … The Mentally Retarded Education Department. “WASHINGTON (AP) — President Barack Obama is creating a new office to bolster education of African-American students. The White House says the office will … Continue reading

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Educating Southern Nationalists

Alabama Moving forward, I have started to realize just how woefully uneducated our people have become regarding their own racial and cultural heritage, even within the circles that claim to be the most stalwart defenders of “Southern heritage.” I’ve studied … Continue reading

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Tales From Detroit: ACLU Sues Michigan Over “Right To Read”

Michigan H/T Outlier I spent a good ten minutes laughing over this one … it’s the civil rights struggle of the 21st century, the right to read! Only in the D! Note: There are probably enough of these black voters … Continue reading

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Review: Escape From Detroit

Michigan I’ve spent the better part of a month agonizing over how to review Paul Kersey’s Escape From Detroit for a non-OD audience. It wasn’t until this morning that I concluded that the significance of this book couldn’t be properly … Continue reading

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