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The Cost of the Union: Sectionalism and the “Fiscal Cliff”

District of Corruption As one might have expected, the Republicans kicked off 2013 by caving on the “fiscal cliff” in Washington. Here’s the House vote on the “fiscal cliff” in the South: 45 ayes, 96 nays. Mississippi – 1 of 3 … Continue reading

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China Beating BRA In Manufacturing

China BRA has been left in the coal dust: After we secede from this joke of a Union, we should still enjoy good trade relations with China and Japan.

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The Death of California

California It is one of the things you know is “out there,” a fiscal landmine waiting to explode, something that is guaranteed to polarize the country along sectional lines when the cries start coming for the inevitable federal bailout: 1. … Continue reading

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Mississippi: The Color of WIC, TANF, and Medicaid

Mississippi WIC In 2010, 44,671 Whites and 66,830 African-Americans were on WIC in Mississippi. 60% of WIC recipients in Mississippi are African-American. $66.8 million dollars was spent on WIC in Mississippi in 2010. TANF In Mississippi, 11,322 families were on … Continue reading

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“Comprehensive NATO”: The Trans-Atlantic Free Trade Agreement

District of Corruption H/T Walter Russell Mead Do you remember all those negative campaign ads in Ohio about how Romney, the Grinch from Bain Capital who believed corporations were people, was a cruel, heartless outsourcer of middle class American jobs? … Continue reading

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Black Friday Chaos At Moultrie Walmart

Georgia H/T Drudge This happened about 2 hours away from here at a Wal-Mart in South Georgia: “Walmart spokesman Randy Hargrove says a deal on a cell phone with a prepaid, unlimited usage plan “led to excitement among our customers.” … Continue reading

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Chris Hayes: Fossil Fuel Industry Is Like Slavery

MSNBC Chris Hayes compares the abolition of slavery to opposition to the fossil fuel industry: Note: Fighting “Global Climate Change” through the War on Coal is one of the latest great Yankee projects.

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Those Jobless Claims

BRA Remember the headlines about 7.8 unemployment? The biggest jump in the economy since the early 1980s? Remember how the media and the comedians claimed that everyone who doubted the numbers were crazy “job truthers”? “Last Thursday morning, the headlines … Continue reading

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Tales From Detroit: The Big D Is Burning

Michigan H/T Charlie LeDuff “BURN is a feature documentary about Detroit, told through the eyes of Detroit firefighters, who are charged with the thankless task of saving a city that many have written off as dead.” [youtube=]

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Bankrupt California

California Is gas really that high in California? It isn’t nearly that bad in Alabama. ” I thought of my fellow Californian Energy Secretary Steven Chu last week, when I paid $4.89 a gallon in Gilroy for regular gas — … Continue reading

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