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Interview with Matt Forney

I recently came out of my long silence to do an interview with Manosphere blogger Matt Forney who has contributed to sites like Alternative Right. We discussed my soon to be published epic poem The Legend of the Great Trek, … Continue reading

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Black History Month 2012: Review: Africa Addio

Africa Africa Addio (Farewell Africa) is a 1966 Italian documentary that explores the triumph of freedom and equality in post-colonial Africa. Decried as a “brutal, dishonest, racist film” by DWL Roger Ebert, Africa Addio contains live footage of the chaos … Continue reading

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South Africa: Life in Azania

An OD correspondent in South Africa has been sending me regular bulletins from Nelson Mandela’s “Rainbow Nation.” White Nationalists in North America have always followed the news out of South Africa, but I am getting the impression that we have … Continue reading

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South Africa: What Cornered White People Look Like

British tabloid “The Sun,” covered the funeral of Eugene Terre’Blanche, attended by 3,000 militant Whites. This is a peek into the embattled White minority, and what White people become when they are cornered like hunted animals: Some commenters have said … Continue reading

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