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Far Wrong

A few days ago, a disgusted conservative friend sent me a link to the awful BNP hit piece by Peter Hitchens in The American Conservative. He asked me to comment on the matter. Unfortunately, nature intervened and a severe freeze … Continue reading

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England: The Weakest Link

A friend passes along a discussion O.D. readers will undoubtedly find of interest: Good to talk to you last night.  I wanted to continue this discussion we had last night regarding Britain as the weak link in the chain, which … Continue reading

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Kemp’s Advice, Vanguardism, Mainstreamism and the Need to Keep Our Options Open

I have been watching the debate over the BNP spokesman Arthur Kemp’s short article outlining what will be his central themes in his upcoming book “Can America Be Saved” with intense interest.  The resulting debate this short post has unleashed in … Continue reading

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Interview: Robert Campbell II

Jim Giles has done a new interview with Robert Campbell. Check it out. I’m told it touches upon the raging Arthur Kemp/BNP approach debate.  As always, I will have commentary after I finish tuning in.

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Interview: Arthur Kemp

Jim Giles has a new interview with Arthur Kemp. As usual, I will update this post with commentary after I finish listening.

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Interview: Simon Darby

According to Dan Dare, Simon Darby is the BNP’s official party spokesman. He recently did an interview with Jim Giles of Radio Free Mississippi. I will update this post with commentary after I finish listening. Review: 1.) Contrast the Simon Darby … Continue reading

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BNP Membership Change

Lee John Barnes on the BNP membership change: This membership change is the equivalent of a political revolution. . . The BNP have in effect just become ‘mainstream’. . . . The far left killed its own coalition. . . … Continue reading

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