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Far Wrong

January 12, 2010 // 75 Comments

A few days ago, a disgusted conservative friend sent me a link to the awful BNP hit piece by Peter Hitchens in The American Conservative. He asked me to comment on the [...]

England: The Weakest Link

January 8, 2010 // 19 Comments

A friend passes along a discussion O.D. readers will undoubtedly find of interest: Good to talk to you last night.  I wanted to continue this discussion we had last night [...]

Interview: Robert Campbell II

November 30, 2009 // 49 Comments

Jim Giles has done a new interview with Robert Campbell. Check it out. I’m told it touches upon the raging Arthur Kemp/BNP approach debate.  As always, I will have [...]

Interview: Arthur Kemp

November 28, 2009 // 134 Comments

Jim Giles has a new interview with Arthur Kemp. As usual, I will update this post with commentary after I finish [...]

Interview: Simon Darby

November 18, 2009 // 70 Comments

According to Dan Dare, Simon Darby is the BNP’s official party spokesman. He recently did an interview with Jim Giles of Radio Free Mississippi. I will update this post [...]

BNP Membership Change

November 15, 2009 // 25 Comments

Lee John Barnes on the BNP membership change: This membership change is the equivalent of a political revolution. . . The BNP have in effect just become [...]