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Happy New Year!

January 1, 2015 Hunter Wallace 10

Geordie was standing up in his crib this morning: Note: I’m going to spend New Year’s Day eating some good food, watching some games with […]

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October 11, 2014 Hunter Wallace 0

Editor’s Note: I’m so tired of threads getting derailed into religious discussions and degenerating into theological slugfests here that I am not going to approve […]

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DISQUS Comments

September 1, 2014 Hunter Wallace 15

The DISQUS comment system is aggravating. I have turned it off and reverted to WordPress comments for the time being.

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New Vistas

June 10, 2014 Hunter Wallace 29

Florida I’m relaxing and having a good time in Florida with my wife and son … it has been an incredible year.

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Join Us Tab

April 13, 2014 Hunter Wallace 3

Alabama I’ve added a simple and easy to use “Join Us” contact form in the header. The “Join Us” tab will be used to help […]

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December 17, 2013 Hunter Wallace 0

Alabama For some reason, we have had some comments automatically sent to the spam filter lately which should be appearing here. I can’t explain the […]

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Baby News

November 7, 2013 Hunter Wallace 57

Alabama Seeing as how my wife is sharing the happy news, I will go ahead and make the big announcement: we’re having a baby next […]

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Disqus Update

September 16, 2013 Hunter Wallace 21

Alabama The vast majority of the WordPress comments have now been imported into Disqus. We’re still missing a lot of comments though. I will import […]