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Looking Abroad

November 9, 2012 // 60 Comments

Australia Bill Yancey once mentioned Tasmania as a possible destination in the comments … Note: The Yankees have reniged and now it looks like the Republicans are going [...]

Andrew Fraser on White Identity

October 3, 2012 // 55 Comments

Australia Andrew Fraser spins a long yarn here about the corrosive impact of whiteness on purebred Anglo-Saxons in America: “Today such grandiose visions seem absurdly [...]

Australia Gets Immigration Right

August 17, 2012 // 27 Comments

Australia More good news. Our Australian kinsmen have passed strong legislation ending illegal immigration smuggling in to Australia. The New York Times reports: “The [...]

Liberalism Travels Full Circle

April 13, 2012 // 21 Comments

Australia H/T Amren It is certainly one of the great ironies of history to see anti-liberals arguing for toleration of heretical opinions and self described liberals arguing [...]