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It Begins: Confederate Flag Rallies Draw Thousands From Across The South

Splendid news from across Dixie today, as thousands of brave White, and some Black, men and women assembled across several states to demand their heritage and symbols be restored and respected. The largest rally in Montgomery, Alabama, site of Governor … Continue reading

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We Shall Not Succumb: Confederate Flag Rallies Erupt Across Dixie

Early reports are rolling in from a wild weekend of pro-Southern activism: 1.) Nearly 1,000 people turned out to support the Confederate Battle Flag in Montgomery, AL. 2.) 40 to 50 people turned out to support the Confederate Battle Flag … Continue reading

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Hypocritical Liberal Liars Obama and Hillary Both Used Confederate Flags In Elections

A very interesting piece has been put together by “Crimson Tide” over at Majority Rebellion, that folks will definitely find shocking. Not ones to ever let a good massacre go to waste, nor a chance to smear and destroy the … Continue reading

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Arkansas: State Government Surrenders To Leftist Degeneracy, Vows To Protect Homosexual “Rights”

This series of Rod Dreher articles over at The American Conservative says it all … it feels strange linking to Rod here, but he is right on these Social Justice Warriors: The Writing’s on the Wall For Christians Into the Christian … Continue reading

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SPLC on Harrison SECEDE Billboard

The SPLC has noticed our latest SECEDE billboard in Harrison, AR. So far, the League has put up four of these SECEDE billboards in Tallahassee, FL, Montgomery, AL, Tuscaloosa, AL, and Perry, GA. The Montgomery billboard was taken down amid … Continue reading

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League of the South Unveils New #SECEDE Billboard In Harrison, AR

Why not? Note: As the SPLC has already pointed out, the League has an anonymous donor who is willing to match up to $10,000 in donations to our general billboard fund between now and Feb. 20. That can pay for … Continue reading

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Review: Little Rock Central: 50 Years Later

If you ever get the chance, I highly recommend watching the HBO documentary “Little Rock Central: 50 Years Later.” Fifty years after President Eisenhower used the 101st Airborne Division to integrate Central High School in Little Rock in 1957, two … Continue reading

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Little Rock Central High School: 57 Years Later, A Blighted Ghetto

While we were in Little Rock last weekend, several members of our group went to check out Central High School, which was at the center of the 1957 integration crisis. The integration of Central High by President Eisenhower – who … Continue reading

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Little Rock Southern Marriage and Family Defense Rally

In May, Pulaski County Circuit Judge Chris Piazza struck down the Arkansas constitutional ban on gay marriage. The Arkansas Supreme Court swiftly stepped in and suspended Piazza’s ruling. The matter is still tied up in the courts and the Arkansas … Continue reading

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Little Rock and Apopka

#wecantwait For over a decade, I was involved in the White Nationalist movement. Do you know what I remember most about those years? I remember waiting … patiently waiting for the day when “it” would happen, when America’s racial and … Continue reading

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