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Jewish Leaders Call For Europe-Wide Legislation Outlawing Anti-Semitism

Since we are already at the stage where homosexual marriage has been declared a “fundamental right,” why shouldn’t European Jews demand the “right” to be exempt from all criticism? “European Jewish leaders, backed by a host of former EU heads … Continue reading

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Glenn Greenwald on Charlie Hebdo and Jewish Hypocrisy

Hats off to Glenn Greenwald for having the temerity to point out the rank hypocrisy in the “mainstream” response to the Charlie Hebdo massacre. There isn’t a single “mainstream” cartoonist in Western Europe, including the communists at Charlie Hebdo, which … Continue reading

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Charlie Hebdo Fired Cartoonist For “Anti-Semitism”

H/T CofCC In France, Charlie Hebdo was notorious for trashing Christianity and Islam in its cartoons, but in 2008 one of its cartoonists, Maurice Sinet, crossed the line when he wrote a short column which mildly suggested that Jewishness was correlated … Continue reading

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Who Hates Whom?

Leftist Lib Dem NY Governor Andrew Cuomo’s is now arguing that Conservatives shouldn’t be allowed to exist in the state of New York. Governor Cuomo then reassures us that it is only “extremist Conservatives” who need to go (where?) and … Continue reading

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Sharpton Inciting Black Mobs to Murder and Mayhem

Our (getting very) old friend Al Sharpton is up to his old tricks inciting Black mobs to murder and mayhem, pushing lying, deceitful stories about fake hate crimes, shouting “NO JUSTICE FOR SAINT TRAYVON, NO PEACE”. and yes, some innocent … Continue reading

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Whites, Muslims and Jews – 15th Century Spain and Now

Racially conscious Whites in England and Europe are now taking to the streets to protest mass Muslim immigration, Muslim extremism, Muslim men sexual grooming local White girls for terrible lives as Muslim White slaves (prostitution). Nationalist groups like the English … Continue reading

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Jews and Vanguardists

Alabama This is why we need to splinter off and work towards the goal of creating our own Christian nation-state in Dixie. Instead of sinking ourselves in this morass, I think we need a common sense message that can resonate with … Continue reading

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Uncle Tim Condemns Israel

Israel Uncle Tim supports “Boycott/Divestment/Sanctions” against Israel for its oppression of the Palestinians: [youtube=]

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Al Sharpton Speaks At Trayvon Martin Rally

Florida Al Sharpton demands “justice” for the hooded thug Trayvon Martin who violently assaulted George Zimmerman and attempted to beat the neighborhood watch captain to death in his own community for the crime of asking him a mere question. Note: … Continue reading

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Menachem Rosensaft: The Scourge of White Nationalism

New York Menachem Z. Rosensaft has penned a screed at The Huffington Post about Peter Brimelow’s appearance at CPAC and how White Nationalism is “the scourge that won’t go away.” Rosencraft is a Jewish ethnic activist who is described as … Continue reading

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